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May 9, 2012

{31 Days of Blogging} Day 9 - What are my worst habits?

Oh my, what some of these prompts don't make me divulge! A side challenge of mine, during this larger challenge, is to be totally honest with you, as I try to be always. I am not going to hide anything. So, this kind of post can be interesting. This is going to be a worst habits/biggest flaws post. Fun, fun.

  • The first flaw is one that Hubby told our pastor when we first started our marriage counseling. His words were, "She is too nice. Almost to a fault." It is true. I have heard it many times. 
  • I can also spend too much time on the computer. I love my computer time. Between emails, facebook (personal and blog), blogging, twitter (which I really don't use much), and now pinterest, I could spend almost all day on the computer if allowed. 
  • Bad Habit 3: not spending enough time cleaning. I just don't really enjoy doing it and find ways to avoid it when I can. I do make sure my house will not make anyone sick, but I do not have a show house by any means. I like to have maybe close to a week to really do a big clean before I have guests over. Otherwise they get to see more of my mess. 
  • Bad Habit 4: Not exercising. Again, I don't enjoy it. I try not to be a total couch potato, but going to a gym, or exercise videos at home just are not going to happen. I try to be active with my kids as much as I can. I don't think it helps though that I have so many physical barriers to exercising. 
That is about what I can come up with for now. I tried sticking to more habits than flaws. If I did flaws, I would probably come up with so many more as I can be very self critical. I guess you could say that is another bad habit, if you call it a habit.

Until next time.... Happy Living!
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