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May 20, 2012

{31 Days of Blogging} Day 19 - My Collections

I have collected many things over the years. At one time I collected stamps, tea cups, cordials, and shot glasses.
Now, many of these collections have been stored or released into others' loving hands. Now it seems that I tend to collect fabric. Now, I do claim some of this for my business reasons, but really, I know I have more than I might really need for Lynifer.
This is how I want to eventually get all of my fabric stash. Right now, most of it does NOT look like this. I am going to give you a peek into what most of it looks like at the moment...
I try to keep it in some form of fold, but really, it isn't uniform and if it isn't a shirt, it is usually folded the way the store folds it. 
That is my current collection of sorts. :) 
What do you collect?
Until next time... Happy Collecting!
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