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Aug 10, 2016

Our Newest Adventure

After much thought and discussion, we have embarked on a new adventure as a family.
Yes, you read right, a school bus. No Hubs nor I are becoming bus drivers. 

     I would like to introduce you all to Bernadette "Bernie" the Bulldog.
"Bernie" after purchase, but before coming home.
She is a 1996 66 passenger International school bus. She will be stripped down (it is actually already happening) and turned into our dream camper. The official name for this type of thing is "skoolie." Skoolies have been around for decades, really.
     We are doing this as a family and the kids are so excited. In all honesty, they are bummed when we say they can't help with some part of the demo.

     You will be seeing a bit of this gal I hope, as I plan to chronicle this adventure on the blog. We are pretty excited for this chapter in our lives. I leave you for today with a picture of "Bernie" in her new home, until next time...

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