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May 8, 2012

{31 Days of Blogging} Day 8 - What is in my Purse?

My purse tends to be my diaper bag at the same time. That is because I am not about carry around a diaper bag for the two kids plus my purse. So, what exactly do I tend to put in there? How about everything? Okay, yes, I will be more specific. 

There are obviously diapers and wipes. some days these are cloth and others they are disposable. I do like to use cloth, but there are many times that I find disposable diapers and wipes just are a little easier when out of the house. 
I also carry around my wallet. Some days this also includes my check book.
Seeing as BG is 15 months, sometimes there can still be those oh so not nice diapers and other messes requiring a change of clothes, so I try to keep a set in the bag. Sometimes, a change of underpants for big brother is also in the mix. He doesn't like if he sweats and his underpants feel damp. 
I tend to have a various conglomeration of snacks or treats for the kids. We are still trying to get LJ to fatten up any way we can, so I try to keep something he might like to munch on in the bag so if he says he is hungry, I can offer something. This will also include a cup for each kid so they can have a drink when they are thirsty. 
I keep a small container with some of LJ's medicine in our bag in case we are out of the house when it is time for him to take it. I want to make sure he takes it the same time each day (within ten minutes) so we keep it on schedule. 
Everything else is a random mishmash of things we collect throughout our day and travels. There might be napkins, little toys, extra dips, etc.

*I was planning on having a picture of my diaper bag/purse with this post, but that just is not happening by the end of this day. Words will have to suffice.

Until next time... Happy Living!
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