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May 16, 2012

{31 Days of Blogging} Day 16 - My Bucket List

So, I don't entirely have a bucket list. I just try to enjoy each day that is given to me. There are things I think would be awesome to do some day, but I never really thought of it as a Bucket List. That means that when asked what is on top of my bucket list, I have to pause a moment to think of what I would want to do most before I die. I don't know that I have a top per se. 
So, for this post I am going to list some things I would love to do or see happen before I leave this earthly body. 
  • Travel around Europe with the family
  • Road trip across the US. 
  • Visit Alaska
  • See more of Canada
  • See my kids get married to their soulmate
  • Meet my grand-children
  • See my kids growing in the Lord
  • See my children be baptized (we do not do infant baptism at our church, but adult baptism)
  • Have Lynifer grow large enough and have a storefront
I am sure as this post brews in my mind, I will be able to think of other things I would like to add to it. Of course the family related items top the list when it really comes down to it. 

What tops your bucket list?

until next time... Happy list making and doing!
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