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May 1, 2012

Fighting Mommy Burnout

This year is flying right on by. We have been so busy, I don't know where the time is going. The end of April and now the beginning of May is meaning Hubby is out of town more than either of us would like. After being so busy and not really having time to unwind or be a couple, now he is gone for work.
(pardon the blur, but fussy kids rarely stop for clear pictures to be taken)
Being a stay at home mom is a job I love and would not change for the world. One of the biggest things with it though is mommy burnout. Now, I am not saying that working moms do not get mommy burnout, or dads (working or stay at home), but I cannot speak from those angles. I can only speak from the SAHM angle, because, well, that is what I am. I think every parent can attest to needing breaks every now and then. No matter how much you love your children, sometimes you just need time away from them to feel human again and like an adult.
Hubby was gone for work for a week, is gone again (this time only a day or two) and then he will be out of town again for who knows how long by the second week of May. This does not give much time for mommy to be anyone but mommy. I am very thankful that both sets of parents live very close to us (within ten minutes each), but even with "reinforcements", I still have to be mommy and deal with all the mommy issues. When Daddy is home, he can fill in and give mommy even a few minutes of time to not be mommy. Even if it is just time to take a shower without feeling rushed, or do anything in the bathroom with the door closed and locked. I think so many of us can understand where I am coming from.
When Hubby is home, he is very tired from work and not sleeping well when out of town, that I tend not to get those breaks that often for a few days after he returns. With him going out of town so frequently, with little time between, it means those times are all but non-existent. I would also be lying if I did not admit that Hubby going to see a midnight showing of the Avengers movie the night it opens does not make me a little jealous that I am not going with him. I will be staying home with the sleeping kids. The next day will be making sure they let Hubby sleep a bit and relax since he will not sleep the night before.
All of this and more adds up to mommy burnout. I wish I had more ideas on how to fight the burnout, but I don't. I know Hubby wants to take me out for a dinner without the kids, but he said he wanted to do that before his last week long trip out of town, but it just could not happen. Busy lives do not always work out for nights out without kids. (wow, the word "out" was in that sentence alot). A dinner out is nice, but then I begin to feel bad to be asking our parents to watch the kids so often, even if it is only once a week. I hate to admit but there have even been times that I have thought even a sip of an adult beverage might be nice. Of course, I am quick to dismiss seeing as BG still nurses at night.

How do you cope with mommy burnout? What advice can you offer me and other moms out there who could use the help?

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