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May 10, 2012

{31 Days of Blogging} Day 10 - Let's Get Physical!

Yes, when thinking of the title for this post, I started singing a little bit in my mind. I don't know that I have really ever heard the entire song, Physical by Olivia Newton-John,  but this one line sticks in my head every time. But this is completely off topic.
Today Boy Oh Boy has given the challenge of posting about our best physical feature. Before I have told you that I can be overly critical of myself. Judging pysical features is the worst for me as I don't think I have really any great features. Hello very bad body image. We meet again.
If I had to pick my best feature, I would go with my eyes. I think the eyes say so much about a person. They are also one feature that stays the same for the longest on a person. You might not see a person for years, and much of their looks could change, but looking at their eyes can give them away.
I get many comments that I look exactly like my grandmother on my father's side. I think one thing that has me getting these comments are my eyes. To me, that makes me smile and happy. Her eyes were always smiling. She told many stories with her eyes. Even with all that she went through in life, her eyes smiled.

What do you think is Your best feature?

Until next time.... Happy Living!

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