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Aug 23, 2011

Guest Blogging

Time completely got away from me. Another great blog, Happily Domestic, has been hosting a very fun event called Fluff Fest. Before it all began Beth was looking for guest bloggers.  I figured I would see if she would like a post from me and well, she did. :)
Yesterday was the day my post was put up on her blog.
What did I write about? I have been becoming more and more passionate about showing families how they can cloth diaper for almost no money. That is what I blogged about; Diapering for Almost Nothing! I highlighted ways to diaper for the cost of a few very cheap but very good covers.
Feel free to go check it out. While you are over there, you can even check out the giveaways that are going on. Fluff Fest continues until the end of the month. A month of Fluff, how awesome!

Aug 22, 2011

Training Pants Anyone?

With LJ potty training, we go through a lot more big boy underpants and trainers these days. We have our share of store bought trainers and underpants, but I know that I can also make him trainers and the like.
Over the months I have found a bunch of free patterns online for making training pants. Many of the patterns have The body of the trainers as all one piece, like the pattern here. Then I was able to find a pattern that has the front and back wings separate from the middle panel of the trainer. I can then use FOE as the binding around the legs and waist. The pattern I found is a Ditto Daddy Free Trainer Pattern. The page says that the pattern cannot be made waterproof, but I made the center panel water resistant by using rip stop nylon and it seems to fit LJ nicely.
While I did use the pattern, I didn't follow the instructions all the way. Once I have a pattern to work with, I tend to make the item the way I would like to and not always the way they describe. I used rip-stop nylon for the outer layer of the front to back panel. I didn't want that material against LJ's skin so I made an inner layer using a t-shirt sleeve and some microfiber (absorbancy). The wings are made from scraps of fleece. This way the wings are stretchy where they need to be but the center isn't (I don't think it need to be stretchy here).
Now LJ has a pair of partially waterproof training pants that have a little bit of absorbing power. I am thinking that once they are clean we are going to try them out for nap times. If need be I can always add a little more absorbancy, but LJ has been doing very well with his potty training. Now for a picture, albeit blurry, of LJ showing off his new underpants. It was very nice being able to try them on him at various times during the fabrication process. :)

Aug 20, 2011

Oh the Life of a Potty Training Mommy

LJ has reached that time in his life where it is time to graduate from diapers and move in to big boy underpants. We had made the move to using pull ups while out and at night a little while back. I would use cloth trainers or big boy underpants while at home, on occasion. When we were home, LJ would do okay. Many times he did his best when he had nothing on from the waist down.
Well, last weekend, we decided enough was enough. We were not getting anywhere using pull-ups as much as we were. They stink for potty training. They are just too much like a diaper for the kid to really notice or care that they made the pull-up wet. Even messy pull-ups would not always warrant the cry for a change.
We had known for a while that LJ possessed all he needed to be potty trained. He knew when he had to go. He could hold it for a sufficient amount of time (no "I have to go potty" and you only have like 2 seconds to get them to the pot). He could even stop himself mid stream if need be. There were times when we would be at home, he would start to pee in his big boy undies and stop himself, hold it until we got to the potty and I helped him pull down his undies, and then once sitting on the potty, he would finish emptying his bladder. I also think he holds it until it will benefit him in some way as well. He seems to always be able to sit and go potty if say there is a new toy car in it for him or he knows I have the grab bag of candy in the diaper bag.
As of Monday, we have gone to big boy underpants all day (using night time pull-ups only at night) and we have had maybe two accidents. I count this a Huge success! I have even put him in bed for naps and had him wake up dry or only slightly wet (if this happened, it didn't even make it to the bed).
I think our biggest hurdle was getting LJ to want to use the potty when we are out somewhere. He doesn't like loud noises and many times the potties are too loud when we are out. To help him get over this fear a little more, we did encourage him with a new car or two. Once he realized that there are some pretty cool potties out there, he didn't mind letting us know if he needs to use the potty while not at home. LJ has found a love of potties that let him stand up (urinals), have handles (handicapped), or are just plan different in some way.
I can't believe my little man is growing up so much. I guess it will be time soon to make sure we have a few more fun big boy underpants for my big boy. They grow up too fast!

Until next time.... Happy Living!

Aug 1, 2011

6 Months!

Today marks six months of life for my little girl. I can't believe it really. She has been growing so much. What has the past 6 months been like?
My baby has gone from this
to this
yes, that is rice cereal all over her!
BG has gone from no control of her arms and legs to playing and interacting with her toys and the world.
We have gone from preemie clothes all the way to 6 month or so clothes.
Where I stopped pumping milk for LJ when he was 4 months and he never did really latch, BG and I are still breastfeeding and going strong! I am so happy for this milestone in particular. When formula was all LJ was getting at this point in time in his young life, BG has not had one drop. Yay for not having to make bottles of formula (especially in the middle of the night).
BG has even started table foods and her mommy has been making all of them. We have not bought jars of baby food. Already my little girl has tried bananas, avocado, rice cereal, mashed potatoes, squash, and one or two other foods.
My girl has been in cloth diapers more than she has been in disposables. I have not had to buy disposable diapers yet. She is starting to outgrow the 1-2 sized sposies and I have a bunch of size 2 still.
When we brought our little girl home, she was able to sleep with her head at one side of the bassinet and her feet at the other. Now she is almost too long for the bassinet and she will be moving in to share a room with her brother before we know it.

It is so wonderful to have my big boy and my little girl. I could not ask for more, really. God has blessed me so much. Both of my children are so good and my heart melts daily because of them. I am so happy to be a mommy to these two children and a wife to my wonderful husband (had to mention him at some point). ;)

Happy Six Months Baby Girl!

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