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Mar 29, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I know this post is late in coming, but I still want to do it and love this kind of thing...

So, I am trying to be more organized. I may even start a family Notebook of sorts. Lately I have felt like selling this house and buying a new one gives us a new start. We can be more organized and get things together like we want them to be at this house, but it just doesn't happen since mess has been the way of life around here. So, one thing that I have tried in the past and want to start back up with menu planning. I have always seen so many of my blogging momma friends planning their weekly menus with Menu Plan Monday, and I want to join them.
So, here it is...
Monday: Meatloaf

Tuesday: Fend for yourself/Leftovers (Hubby is working night shift so he won't be home at dinner time)

Wednesday: Ham Noodle (Tuna Noodle but made with ham instead of Tuna)

Thursday: Chinese Night

Friday: Date night at Red Lobster

Saturday: Freezer Night - Salisbury Steaks (Hormel) with steam and mash potatoes.

Sunday: Easter Dinner with Hubby's family

If I ever post a dinner and you are intrigued and would like a recipe, let me know and I would be happy to post one if I can. I do tend to make things free hand a lot too. Like my meatloaf is different every time. I put in what I think it needs or what I feel would taste good together and go with the flow. Dinners like that can be hard to translate in to a recipe, but I will try. :)
Happy Planning!


Hi all. I know I have been fairly quiet lately. I hope that I will find more time soon to blog more and all that comes with blogging.
I wanted to give you all a heads up. I am looking at redesigning my blog. I found that blogger has a new designer section that I am going to be looking at and hopefully working with to give my blog a better feel and flow. I have really wanted a three column layout for a while now, but have not been able to with blogger. So, if things seem off or absent from my blog, they should return soon, I am just having to work things out what will turn out to be a great new design!

Mar 24, 2010

My New found Love

Since the switch to cloth diapers, I have found myself more in love with different ways to go cheap, go clean and go green. Well, let me tell you; I am in love with home-made cleaners now. I bought a big thing of distilled white vinegar when I started to CD. I knew in the back of my mind that I could use it as a cleaner, but wasn't sure exactly, so I started looking it up. Well, I found more than just ways to use vinegar. I found reasons to use home-made versus store bought chemicals. Earlier today Suburban Saving Mama actually posted a blog and had some great points why you should natural cleaners. you can see her post HERE. You can also enter to win some great cleaners HERE. I was never fond of the smells chemicals would leave. When I had LJ I was always wondering how much residue might be left and if he might touch it, get it on his hands and then put his hands in his mouth (like all kids do). So, after going to countless websites I found that to use things you tend to keep around the house anyway, you can make really simple but powerful cleaners. Yesterday I was hit with the cleaning bug, so I started to tackle the bathroom. LJ loves when we spend time in the bathroom, he gets in to everything! So, I cleaned out everything that wasn't needed and started spraying and scrubbing. For my starter mix all I did was mix some water with some vinegar (I tend not to measure things maybe a 1-1 ratio). I also added a little lemon juice to cut through the vinegar smell a little. Some sites say you can add rubbing alcohol to be streak free on your windows and mirrors, well I didn't have to. I cleaned our bathroom mirror and it is so clean and shiny now. I love it! There was about three years of dust on our baseboard (yes I usually forget all about it when I am cleaning). I knew it was going to be a bit of a chore as it gets all nice and crusted on when we take nice hot showers. I sprayed my cleaner on my rag and it came right off with no problem.
I love home-made cleaners! Here are some sites you can check out if you would like to learn more about making your own home-made cleaners.
The top three Home Cleaners
Kitchen cleaning Tips
How to make a non-toxic cleaning kit
Homemade Cleaners

Wordless Wednesday!

When trying to take pictures, it helps if the silly boy doesn't try to chase the camera!

Silence Explained

I know I have been quiet lately. Well, here is why.
These are pictures of all of the clothing and accessories that i have been preparing for a consignment sale that is taking place this weekend. My mom, sister and I are all putting stuff in the sale under two consignor numbers. I have been doing all of the inputting in to the computer, printing of tags, and then tagging of the items. I would say that is probably close to 200 pieces of clothing all told. I take it all to the fire house tonight to drop it off for sale. The sale then runs from Friday evening through Saturday. If you live in the area you should check out Simply Kids. It is being held at the Norco Fire Company. I am almost done with the tagging (putting the tags actually on the clothing). Of course, I left my stuff for last. :) Most of this was actually my sister's clothing. My mom and I have only a few items. The things hanging up in the pictures are mine and my mom's everything else is my sister's. :) I hope she does really well with the sale.

Mar 16, 2010

YAY! I did it!

I have been wanting to make a wetbag duffel of sorts for the longest time. We have a large lidded trash can in my son's room that used to be for the disposables. Well, since we now only use max like one (maybe two) a day, that seems sort of silly; and by the time the bag is full enough to take out, the stuff in the bottom is totally gross. So, anyway, a few weeks ago I ordered a yard of Kelly green PUL from a great little online store, Kids in the Garden. I think I mentioned them in a previous post, as I also got a great little sample pack of her PUL. Anyway, I finally got to use my PUL. About the time that I ordered the PUL, I measured my trash can so that I knew what size to make my duffel. Two nights ago, I finally got to make my wetbag duffel and put it to use!

That is my new wetbag duffel! I am so happy. It works great!The patch of flannel in the upper corner is so that I can put oils on it to help with the smell. I have vanilla and love it. I made it a drawstring so then I can pull it tight against the rim to hold it in place while in the can and then close it pretty tight when carrying it to the wash.
The way I did the seams makes it so that it doesn't leak. I put a bunch of water in the bag and swished it around and nothing. Bot even bleeding from where I sewed on the flannel or where I had to resew a section when my bobbin ran out.
So, now the plug for my business. Yesterday I was so thrilled with all that I have been accomplishing, that I added this to my website already, and it is available for sale on Lynifer. I make them the size they need to be. So, if your can is 45 inches around at the top and like 30 inches top to bottom (on the inside) then that is what I make it to. :-)
I even have enough PUL left over to make a smaller travel wetbag some day and maybe something else. :-)

Mar 15, 2010

Love the Fluff

While I actually have some down time, I thought I would blog a little. So, last week I posted about fluff mail love. I wasn't able to include pictures of the "new" diaper because LJ was sleeping and it was in his room. But, guess what! Shortly after posting, the mail came and it was another fluffly day! I was soooo happy. The other week I was a winner on the knickernappies blog. I won a one-size diaper in my choice of color with inserts (I chose Chocolate with LoopyDos).

It already came in the mail. I think like maybe a week after winning the contest. I couldn't believe it. I still have another giveaway that I won about a week before the knickernappies one that I am still waiting on. I was just so happy to get another knickerknappies in the mail with more of the great inserts.
So, now a pic. of the other diaper I got in the mail with the inserts sticking out the top.

I already had it stuffed and just pulled the inserts out a little to show them in the pic. The SuperDo insert that I bought with this diaper was in my Happy Heiny's diaper waiting to be used that night. Who knows, maybe I will just have to do some reviewing of all of these great diapers one day. ;)
I hope you all have a great week!

Mar 14, 2010

Our First Night using cloth

Last night was our first night using cloth over night instead of disposable. I should have thought better of this, than to try something like this when we are losing an hour anyway. So, Yesterday we were at my mom's house until almost LJ's bedtime. He was running around so much and really wore himself out. Good, right? Well, that made him sleepy enough to not drink all that much of his milk. So, LJ gets to bed around 830 last night (930 thinking of the time change). Hubby and I get to bed almost 1030 (time change time). When we got LJ ready for bed, we put on his one Happy Heiny's diaper (aplix) that was stuffed with a SuperDo, and for good measure I put his wool shorties on him. At ten of 4 this morning he woke up I think partially from a bad dream and then thirst. So, we got a drink of milk and watched a few minutes of backyardgians before heading back to bed (about 20 min. later). I thought to myself, maybe this means he will sleep later than usual since he was up when we was. Boy was I WRONG! 615 this morning LJ was up. What did he do as soon as I opened the door? Pat his diaper saying he needed changed. Even using a SuperDo, I couldn't get a full night's sleep.
While I really would love to be able to cloth diaper at night, I think I am going to stick with disposables for night times. I mean at least I can keep it down to one a day. You know? There is just no way that with a Super Do and still waking early, we can do this. We need our sleep, LJ in particular. He was sooooo sleepy then today while at church. If he stumbled and went to his knees, he wouldn't get up. One time he ended up just lying there in the army crawl position. It was precious, but I knew he was just so sleepy. I am a little bummed, but this past night was a learning experience. Who knows, we may do more cloth at night with baby number two, but I think with LJ it is a bust. :(

Mar 13, 2010

Fluff Mail Love

Well, of course I love my fluff mail. I was super excited with the newest piece of fluff mail, too. Again I was on diaperswappers to see what kind of deal I could find. In particular I was looking for good hemp inserts. I still don't cloth diaper LJ at night. I am too chicken, since he is such a heavy wetter (I double stuff even my BG 3.0s with an extra insert to last longer). After all of the great suggestions that you all left for me in my post "Help a Momma Out." I went in search of some great hemp inserts to try doing nights with cloth. My goal really is to use cloth basically all the time. I know that on trips and such I may still use sposies some of the times, but right now we are so close and I want to prove to myself we can do this.
Anyway, back on track... I wanted to try out some LoopyDos or SuperDos by, knickernappies. I found a mom who was selling a Knickernappies one size with inserts for a total fraction of the original price. She also had some of the SuperDos for sale for like half price. I couldn't resist.
Well, she shipped them the same day and they came to my house yesterday. I washed them and they are waiting to be used, but I must say, just from looking at these, I am in love and think I might just be able to cloth diaper at night.
I love me some fluff mail and I can't wait for the next two pieces of fluff to arrive in the mail. These next two fluff mails will be even better as they are things that I have won from two different blogs. I can't wait!

Mar 12, 2010

What I do...

So, I know that I have done sewing posts. Well, this is another one. But, this is not diapers. One of the biggest things that I do is make bibs. I think they are a cute gift to give any little one. 

A week or two ago I finished up an order for three bibs to the sister of a good friend. That good friend had ordered two large pocket bibs from me and so did her mother (Mom may have only bought one, I can't remember off hand). The sister loved them so much she had me make three more, which I was so thrilled about.

Now a couple days before my birthday, my nephew became a daddy to a very cute little girl. We hopefully get to meet her tomorrow at a family get together. Of course I had to make a cute little bib to go with a cute little girl. I tried my hand at a reversible bib.

I know that in the first picture the fabric looks a little weird in the middle, that is just where I put a scrap over the name that I put on. I like to personalize the bibs if I can. So, this is some of what I do. I still have diaper inserts to make and I want to do more with that whole side of sewing, but this is what I started Lynifer with and this is what I love to be able to do. :) While store bought bibs can have some really cute sayings or what not (they truly can be super cute), there is just something about a bib that was made with the wearer in mind.

Mar 11, 2010

Will You Help Me Win?

I have entered a picture of my little cutie in to this month's Happy Heinys baby contest. Will you vote for my John and help us win? Here is the link:
If you have entered your baby in the contest as well, let me know and I can vote for you as well.

Mar 8, 2010


Hi all! So, I know there are weeks that I only have like one or two posts. Well, that may become a little more of the norm for the next couple months. You want to know why? Well, As I mentioned in a previous post, I am this year's VBS Director for my church. If anyone has ever been involved with their church's VBS, you may know a little about how much in involved with planning and everything. Well, our VBS is going to be the last week in July (26th - 30th) and I have to plan it all (with the help of some great volunteers) and get it all pulled off. So, that means for the next few months I am going to be one busy little bee and blogging does not always fit in to my days. I hope you all understand.
I will continue to blog as I can and I do hope to have a review or two up before too long and maybe even my first giveaway. But we shall see how this all pans out and what He has planned for me. You know?
Anyway, I just wanted to update you all as to why I have been a little quieter and why it might continue. I hope everyone is doing well, and for those with sick little ones or under the weather themselves (you know who you are ;) ) I hope you all get better real soon and the little ones who are sick don't frazzle the parents too much.
Take care all my wonderful blog readers!

Mar 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday!

Cloth Diaper Love 

Happy Heinys
Knickernappies (again)

Free Rump-a-rooz

Hello all. So, I was going down my facebook homepage and came across a great opportunity.
If you happen to follow Rump-a-rooz already, you may have seen this posted to their blog as well. The company is giving THREE different options to get your very own Rump-a-rooz. Two of those options are for FREE diapers.
I know I already have an email in to them to try to be one of those families that does a video journal. I had to pass this on to all of my readers. I highly recommend you check out the blog of Rump-a-rooz. These are diapers that I have been wanting to try for the longest time, but have sadly not had the money to buy them. I think Hubby would have issues then. :) But you have got to love ways to get diapers cheap.
I hope you all are well and enjoy checking out your ways of getting FREE or cheap Rump-a-rooz.
Enjoy! :)

How it all started

I did not always cloth diaper my son. When I was pregnant I had thought about Gdiapers and we had looked at them a little, but did nothing of it. I was more than happy to just use disposable diapers and throw all that yuck out. As my son was growing I would revisit the Gdiaper bug every now and then. I had seen some other cloth diapers, but wasn't really sure I wanted to do that. I mean washing poopy diapers? really? It just did not fully appeal to me and not at all to my husband. He really wanted to just be able to throw it out and not worry about it. But he was the one that would be lugging those heavy nasty bags of diapers out every week. It is amazing how heavy trash bags get when filled with pee soaked and poopy diapers.
I had a lady at church who cloth diapers her kids because that is what they had to do financially. Well, they loved it. She got me thinking about it all again and I told Hubby that I wanted to try the Gdiaper with their flushable inserts. Here is the thing, it isn't that much cheaper that way. While looking at the Gdiapers and all online, I grew to love the looks of regular cloth diapers. The Modern Cloth Diaper. It looked so easy and... Cute!
My son was 18 months old before we got any cloth in this house. The lady from church told me of diaperswappers.com and I checked it out. I also checked out a lot of the bigger cloth diaper sites and found some deals. I bought a few different kinds of cloth diapers so I could try them and see what I liked.
Well, you know what happened? I became addicted to cloth diapers and using them! I love it. So, a lot of moms say they find one that is their favorite diaper and they don't buy anything else? Well, I like them all. I have only found two or three diapers that I decided I didn't like and put them aside for a swap.
I love pocket diapers, AIOS, prefolds are nice. I have Thirsties, Bumgenius, Happy Heinys and more.
Now I am even sewing inserts and soon diapers of my own. I am a total cloth diaper addict and I love it. My only regret? Not starting sooner. I could have been saving us so much money and I could have been an advocate for much longer had I started this all when LJ was first born. You better believe that our next little one will be cloth diapered as soon as they are born (I will be making tiny baby dipes for my little one).
The above photos are two of my earliest "stash" pictures with the top one being the first order I did through Diaperswappers.com. Now here is my stash picture.

I have a little bit of everything. I have BG 3.0s, Happy Heinys, Thirsties, Bumkins (cover), prefolds, fitteds, I even have paper towels (Roll in pic that looks like toilet paper roll) for homemade flushable baby wipes. I'm addicted...
So, there is my little story on the beginning of my cloth diapering life. I love it and wouldn't have it any other way! :)

Mar 1, 2010

Mommy Monday

I always love finding cute little titles to match like the day of the week, to maybe start a little meme kind of thing. So, Mommy Mondays will be for mommy stuff. I know that really covers a lot of material, but I think that might be best, because you can almost always find something to talk about that is covered under the umbrella of being a mommy.
Today I thought I would do a little plug for a new site I found, but also just sort of write about one new love of mine, consignment. Once I was a mommy my love for saving grew even more. I had always been a fan of checking out consignment shops in my area to see what bargains I could find. We have some really great ones around here that specialize in kids stuff. But, I have also loved how groups of moms get together and have seasonal consignment sales. I think this is great because selling your items more directly can get you a lot more money than taking it to a shop and some shops can be so strict in what they take, but you know that if you showed it to a mom, she would still buy it (even though the last shop you took it to said it was not good enough). So, This brings me to the site: Consignment Mommies.
I just stumbled across a link to this site while running down my endless list of friends and fan sites on facebook. This site lets you search for consignment sales near you. You put in your area code (or whatever area code you want to search) and say how far you would go for the sale (5, 10 , 20, 50, 100 miles) and you can even tell it to search a special date if you want. Then hit search and it will find sales for you! How awesome is this?! I mean instead of having to scour the ads in the newspaper (who has time with little ones needing every waking moment) or checking for fliers at the stores, you can go to one nice site and it will do the work for you. I think one of the better features of this site is that it offers ratings and reviews of the sales. Mommies who have gone to the sales in the past can offer their honest opinions of the sale so you know. Was this sale to overpriced or not a lot of selection was offered? Was this sale the best ever? This site tells you!
I am consigning some clothing from my little LJ in this spring's Simply Kids Sale along with my mom and sister. After volunteering for a three hour shift we will be getting 70% of what our clothes sold for. How great is that? So many consignment shops in the area don't offer that kind of return. I am in love with idea, too, that if you want, you can donate items that don't sell. So, if you really don't want that clothing going back to your house after the sale, you can set it to be donated to a local charity or shelter.
I think Consigning is such a great way to get the old out, and pick up a little cash for it to buy some great new stuff. :)
Do you have stuff sitting around your house from your little ones that will never be used again in your household? Why not consign it and pick up a little cash. Who knows, all those onesies and sleepers could add up to a hefty chuck of change. :)

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