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Feb 29, 2012

Weaning - It's not all roses

My Baby Girl is not a baby anymore. She has turned a year old (and then some), has begun her version of talking, and walking, and drinking regular whole milk. We love our nursing relationship, but I am realizing she is demanding the breast when she doesn't need it. Many nights I have woken up multiple times with her just to have her nurse for 5 minutes or so before passing back out. I am not sure why she is waking so many times these nights. I know she can sleep through the night or wake just once, eat a little and then go back to sleep for the rest of the night. She has done this as well, but it is rarer than waking 2-5 times a night.
We have already gotten ourselves down to nursing just at night, but I am not so sure that this is best at this point. I have loved nursing, and all the benefits for both of us, but I also look forward to nights spend fully in my bed without trips to LJ and BG's room to rock and nurse she back to sleep. I know she needs to learn to sooth herself, and I am having the hardest time with that as well.
This mommy is so torn about what to do and how best to do it.
How did you wean your baby from nursing for the sake of the feel of it? How old were your little ones when you weaned or they decided to wean?
And on the other note: How did you get your nursing child to learn how to sooth themselves to sleep at night?
It seemed so much easier with LJ because he was already on a bottle, so that never changed for him. He also got used to not being in my arms every time to fall asleep. I need your help!

Until next time.... Happy mommy-ing.

Feb 20, 2012

Disney World... here we come!

Okay, well it is going to be a few months before we actually head down to Florida to Disney World, but the planning and excitement have already begun. Since LJ was born, we have known that Hubby's parents want to take LJ to Disney. When we found out Baby Girl was on her way, we knew we were going to wait a bit. Now we are at a point where we need to go this coming fall/winter or LJ will be in school. Yes, I said it... school.
Cinderella's Castle - Walt Disney World
Courtesy: @cdharrison on flickr
We head to Florida in the fall and winter months. Heat and I do not mix. November and January are the two months that we are considering to take our trip. That means that I have 9-11 months to plan and prepare for our trip (with of course the help of my in-laws and Hubby).
What this had meant for me right now is that my head is spinning with what to pack and have on had to occupy an almost 2 year old and a 4.5 year old for a long car or plane ride. This is where pinterest in coming in handy. I have already created a few boards to help me in my quest to find things that will keep the kiddos occupied and content for whichever form of transportation we take.

Feb 1, 2012

Where has the year gone?!

My little baby is a year old! I can't believe it. She has grown up so much. Monday night we even noticed that she cut her third tooth. Yes, she now has three. We go to have her 1 year well check Thursday. I can only imagine what her numbers are going to be like. At 10 months she already weighed more than LJ did at a year.
So, like many parents (well, moms) I have been planning a big party for this Saturday. The past few weeks have been so hectic that most of the planning has had to wait until this week. Before now I basically only had decorations planned out.Let me just say that I totally LOVE Pinterest.  All of the centerpieces below had at least some part of them inspired by something I saw on pinterest. :)
Being as "crafty" as some may say, I wanted to make BG's dress for her party. I thought it would be super cute. Well, that was more of a pain than I anticipated. Now, her dress looks like this:
Actually, that isn't totally true. After I took this picture, I tried putting it on BG. Well, the dress I used as a template was a knit, this was not. I had to go back in and add a zipper to the back. I have not tried it on her yet, I am thinking I better get on that.
Time has flown by so fast this past year. My baby girl has grown like a weed. She has gotten teeth, learned to crawl at a jogging pace, and even take a few steps before deciding that crawling is faster every time. She has gone from wearing preemie clothes to 12 month clothes, almost skipping 9 months entirely. Her smiles and laughter are contagious every time. Her smiles, waves, and everything melts my heart. Now my baby isn't going to be a baby but she is quickly crawling toward toddler-hood.
To my Sweet Baby Girl,
 I love you very much and I can't believe you have been here for a year now. I can't wait to see where His path leads you. Happy Birthday my Sweet Baby Girl.

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