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Sep 20, 2012

Prayer, Praise and Updates.... OH MY!

My oh my, where has the time gone?! It has been so long since I last posted on here. Well, life has been one interesting journey lately. One thing that Hubby and I splurged on was a tablet. The Google Nexus 7. That has made it that, truly, I do not go to my laptop hardly at all anymore. And to be honest, a tablet isn't the best for blogging mostly because I tend to want to type so fast, and on a fully virtual keyboard, strokes are missed and it makes typing long things, cumbersome at best. But, it is great for all the other things.
Okay, so let's see here. Why have I not been blogging so much. Well, the tablet is one reason. But then there are all the other things that are going on right now, that have kept me from my computer. I can't believe I am saying this, but my lil sis is now 16. She is actually getting two parties. She had one for her friends a few weeks ago and the one for family is this Saturday. I have been a big part of planning both parties. Planning... and setup... and making, baking, etc. Sis wanted to make a lot of the things for her friend party. It was really fun, we made cookies, and the cake, and some of the favors as well. What made it more fun was the theme, superheroes! We made capes for each person. Sis had asked each guest which superhero they would love to be and we made a cape for the hero (even if truly they don't have one). It was a lot of fun, and the kids (my kids) loved the trial capes that we made. 
We have also been working more and more to get ourselves ready for our big trip to Disney. There is a lot to be planned and then to be packed and the like. Tons of fun, really. 
Now, for one big thing that has kept me from here. This is where the prayers come in. A couple months ago my mom went to see her doctor for a few different symptoms she had been having. The doc wanted her to see some specialists. After a couple weeks and a handful of tests, she was hit with the "C" word... Cancer. Breast Cancer. That began a whirlwind of information, questions, treatments, everything. Truly the whirlwind began with all of the tests, but the diagnosis kicked it into high gear. Within no time they were scheduling her first round of Chemotherapy. There were classes she could go to in order to prepare and learn more, and countless pamphlets and books to help her through things. 
Of course this hit us all very hard. The form of cancer that she has, is not typically staged, but after she did some research she believe, if it were, that the stage would either be a high 2 or early 3. She is determined to be part of the 50% survivors after 5 years. She is ready to fight as much as she needs to. She has been so strong, and she continues to be. 
Philip Leara
Now, time for that praise I was talking about. Already her oncologist has seen remarkable improvement! He was very pleased to see how far she has come already in her treatment. After I heard this from her, I was so happy. I know she is happy about it as well. Things are happening. The chemo is doing its job. Praise God! The prayers are working! 

So, as you can maybe see, life has been pretty hectic lately, and things probably aren't going to slow any time soon. I am going to try to blog a little more often and all, but if more big gaps happen, just know I have not forgotten about you or my blog; I am just caught up in life and trying to enjoy what I can and uplift those who need it as much as I can. 

Until next time....Pray and Praise!

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