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May 15, 2012

{31 Days of Blogging} Day 15 - My "daily" timeline

Each looks a little different, but I will give you a look into what today looked like for me.

Let me actually start from midnight on.
~1230a or so BG woke for the second time in 2 hours. She nursed and went back to bed.
~530 LJ had a bad dream of some description. He "woke" yelling and screaming, but when asked what happened, I could not understand anything he said due to him not really being awake. This of course woke BG seeing as they share a room. Nursing didn't fully work, so into our bed she comes.
800 LJ woke up for the morning and came into our room for snuggles and some TV. This is also the time we take to have some milk and, today, get ready for school (Tuesdays and Thursdays until the 22nd).
830 - get on shoes and start heading out the door
900 - School starts for LJ. BG and I headed to the store after a brief trip home for mommy to change out of her soaked shoes.
1130 - pick up LJ from school
1200p - Meet Daddy at a nearby chinese place for lunch.
1245ish - head home from lunch and start naptimes.
1300-1500 ish (this is when we work on naptimes or at least a rest period for LJ each day)
1530 - Hubby heads home from work. We chill out as a family. Today that meant watching Pleasantville.
1800 - Dinner time. Tonight was a night to empty the fridge of some left overs, including those from lunch today.
2000 - Bedtime. I get LJ ready for bed and Daddy gets BG ready. For LJ this means, potty time, brush teeth, feed fish, jammies, story, then lights out with scary spray and I turn on his music. Daddy takes BG into our room where she gets a new diaper, jammies, and then he lays with her while she has some of a bottle of milk and falls asleep. He then takes her over to her crib in the kids' room.
I am hoping that she sleeps better tonight and doesn't really wake until it is AM.

If we don't have school we tend to just chill around the house and play and what not. I will try to catch up on emails when I can (naptimes are perfect for this) and work around the house as much as possible, which isn't always the much.
We always love when Hubby gets to come home. Some nights we stay in and other we go out to window shop or out to dinner.
That is my day. What does yours look like?

Until next time... Happy Living!
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