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Jan 31, 2011

Tomorrow is D Day!

Okay, not the D day that many people think of. Tomorrow is the big day for us, Delivery Day! My doctor called me to tell me that they scheduled my induction for 5 am tomorrow morning. I must thank my husband so much for calling on my behalf and doing what I was unable to do. With all of the false alarms and stalled labor and now the weather that we are to get in the area over the next two days, I was getting stressed beyond what a pregnant woman should be. Three weeks of  stress is not good for anyone. I know it has been wearing on me mentally and physically. So, I tried to call and see if they would help my laboring along any and got a tough noogies kind of response from the OB nurse I spoke to. After calling Hubby in tears he composed himself (he was mad enough as well) and called my doctor to see if they would reconsider. Just after 230 this afternoon I got a call from my doctor's office letting me know that they have scheduled me to be induced (really it is more of helping me along) at 500 am tomorrow morning. Great enough as well, it will even be the same doctor who came 5 minutes late to LJ's birth (yes he came that fast).  I love that doctor and am happy that he will be the one at least starting my induction.
I am posting this as I know I have some sponsors out there who may be curious why I am not as prompt with my responses as I normally am. I will be away from my computer and only have limited access, via my phone, to my emails.
As for everyone else, family and friends, who have been keeping us in their thoughts and all, I wanted to keep you updated. I am so thankful for my in-laws who are taking LJ tonight for us, so we don't have to worry about getting him over to their house at such an early hour. Then they can sleep more as well. Also, to my parents who have been so helpful as well and making sure we have what we may need.
I am hopeful that all will go smoothly tomorrow and by this time tomorrow I may just have my little girl in my arms. :)

Until next time... Happy Living!

Valentine's will be here before I know it!

You know, at first I was letting my pet peeve of stores bringing in the next holiday too soon get the better of me when Valentine's Day items were going on sale so soon after Christmas. Well, now I am realizing that Valentine's Day is going to be here before I know it. I have no idea what to do for Hubby and LJ. I am lucky though as I know some great websites that can help me with ideas and all that fun stuff.
CSN stores has a great new section of their site that gives you 50 Valen-finds for under $50! Not only are there some great deals to be had, but they also list deals for Her, for Him, and for Pets. I don't tend to get our dog anything for holidays other than Christmas. Then she gets a stocking, but that is totally off topic. :)
I think my favorite may be the tux apron for Hubby as he loves to help me in the kitchen and sometimes takes it all on himself. I love having a cook for a Hubby!
I highly encourage all those who need some great ideas for Valentine's Day to head on over to CSN's 50 Valen-Finds under $50 site. I think you are going to find everything you need for your special Valentines. :)

Until next time... Happy Shopping!

Jan 28, 2011

Blizzard Blog Hop Meet & Greet

Ann over at Household 6 Diva came up with a great idea for all those bloggers who are not going to Blissdom. We are having our own little blog hop meet and greet. In essence, we all are writing up a little intro about ourselves, posting in a linky and hopping around learning and meeting a ton of other great bloggers. You can click the link above to link up to this great blog hop.

So now a little about me...
I am a 27 year old SAHM. I have one little boy and we are due any day now with our second child, a girl. 
My family left the main line city living when I was 5, and we moved to the country. I have lived within 5 miles of that house ever since. 
I met my husband when I was a junior in high school and he was a senior. We have been together ever since. We got married on our 6 year anniversary and now it has been 5 great years of marriage. 
Hubby is an electrical engineer and has been with the same company for 6 years now and things are going strong. I love being able to stay home with my son and soon to be daughter. 
I have become a more "eco-conscious" person as I have become a mom and started to use cloth diapers. I love baby wearing as much as possible and just trying to live a good life with my family and leave as little an impact on this earth as possible.

I can't wait to meet more bloggers and find more great blogs to follow and get to know the people behind the blogs. Just remember to link up at HouseHold 6 Diva's site!

I would have posted a picture of me with my family, but man alive, I can't find one to save my life right now. :) I am always the one behind the camera!

Jan 26, 2011

One Size Wool Cover

I like wool. I also have to be careful with what wool I use. One of the first set of shorties that I bought for LJ ended up with a all around bad combo of events to leave him with a sore for close to a week on each leg. Not only was the wool a little too rough for him, but of course it was an explosive diaper mess at the same time as trying the wool for the first time. I always have to be careful with the texture of the wool. When I learned that I might be able to use wool suiting to make covers for LJ, I was thrilled.
I have been playing around with cover patterns for a little while now using some covers I already own to get an outline and then modify it to make it my own. I love the idea of one size covers. They make sense to me. So, I made my very first "One Size" wool cover for LJ.

Now, I know this cover needs some tweaking, just by putting it on LJ this first time. LJ will be 3 in April (three months), he weighs maybe 25 pounds. He is a skinny skinny boy and this cover is snapped almost as big as it can get. I think each side only has one snap on each side behind the tabs. It is also on the highest setting, but I do like having covers and such that have a lower rise. I did learn one thing through this, these take a decent amount of FOE to make each one. :)

What do you think? I would love to get more patterns and things for working designs for Lynifer. Maybe I need to try making a few more and get none LJ testers. :)

Until next time.... Happy Diapering!

Jan 21, 2011

Hop Along Friday - Blog Hop

I am once again participating in a little blog hop. This week's hop is hosted by some really great bloggers. I encourage you all to hop on over and check out their blogs as well as some of the other awesome bloggers that are a part of this week's list.

Jan 17, 2011

Updating today!

Today is a big day here at Lynifer's blog. I am getting a new blog design!
I have been working with Jessica from So Stylilized and today is the big day! She will be working on updating the design if the blog. So, if you have trouble with the blog today, that is probably why. I can't wait to show you the new design and see what you think! So check back soon to see the all new Lynifer's Blog design!

Until next time... Happy Designing!

Jan 14, 2011

37 Week Update

Well, on Wednesday I hit 37 weeks. Baby C now has a new nickname, Lil Miss Diva. She has completely earned that title too. To give you all a little update, Wednesday I had my doc's appt and found out that I was about 2 cm dilated and 80% thinned. I considered that awesome since I got a very un-awesome report the week before. LMD (Lil Miss Diva) has been giving me off and on contractions since before Christmas. I even had to be off my feet more than I was on them before Christmas to keep from going in to pre-term labor.
Wednesday afternoon contractions started again and they got to be pretty close together and fairly painful. We felt it best to call in and see if we should be checked since I have a history of very quick deliveries. Well, we went in and they checked me out. I had not changed since our 4 o'clock visit (this was about 3-4 hours later). I walked around for an hour and when checked again I had changed to what the resident said was 3-4 cm. I stayed. We did some more walking and I was in the tub for a bit. I told them that I wanted to go as natural as possible, hey I know I can! So, they didn't even give me an IV because they felt they didn't need to and the doc that was on call is one who likes to let things move at their own pace and not give an IV if it isn't needed. I like her for that reason!
By 4 in the morning, things had stalled out. Totally. The resident felt that I had only progressed to about 5 cm. I was able to get some sleep and the doctor came in to check me before she left. By her assessment, I was actually only 3-4 cm still and she thought only 70-80% thinned. They sent me home! Since I am only 37 weeks, they are not going to push things at all. It was the consensus that I was so tired from not sleeping and not having food that my body stopped things because I wouldn't have the energy to deliver LMD. They sent me home with orders to sleep as much as I can and get something to eat, and that should get me back on track to deliver my girl.
It is now Friday. I was so hopeful that after a few hours of sleep and some food, things would kick back right to where I was and we would have our girl by Thursday night. Yeah, right, LMD earns her name again. I have had a few contractions today, but they are not that strong. I have been using the clary sage oil on my belly to try to help things move along. Hubby only has one and half more days of vacation so I would love to have her like tonight or maybe tomorrow so he would have as much time as possible off. He has already taken two days this week (one for the snow we got on Wednesday, and then yesterday since we didn't leave the hospital until almost 8). We are both totally ready for Baby C to make her appearance. I am over all these times of "false" or stalled labor! You know, that is a labor pain they don't talk about.
So often you hear about traditional labor pains. The pain that comes with delivering your little baby. Well, there is another labor pain in my book now. The one of false and stalled labors. I dealt with this as best I could last time and this time it is hitting harder because not only do I feel as though I am getting the hopes up of my husband and aunt (who is so awesome enough to come in each time we go to the hospital to stay with us) but I also have my son who has to go to his mommom and pop's house each time we go to the hospital. I haven't been able to see my son like normal and he can tell things are going haywire. He is crying so much more and is clinging to Hubby and I for dear life. It kills me to see him like this. He is totally our of sorts. I want to be able to have my girl, come home and be the family of four that we are going to be. I don't want him to have things get crazy for days on end and then he gets to begin his life as big brother. I wish it was a streamlined as it so often appears to happen for others.
So, that is my "little" update on where we are in the pregnancy right now. I am hoping to have my little girl in my arms soon as I can't take much more of this labor without it being full labor thing. It is wearing us down in so many ways. I must say though that there is no way we could make it through this without our great families being so close and helping us as much as they are.

Until next time... Happy Living!

Little Bundle Baby Event

That is right! I am having a baby event! I thought what better time to get things moving in the direction of reviews and giveaways then when I am going to be starting a new chapter in my life with our second child.


I have some great reviews lined up for this event and a couple great giveaways as well! It will be awesome I am sure. Be on the look out for the Event to start in the beginning of February. It will end when we get through all of our awesome sponsors. :)

Want an idea of who is sponsoring this event?
How about:
GoGreen Pocket Diapers
Undercover Mama

Plus a few more who I will keep you guessing on!

**Event Extra Entries!**
To get some extra entries in to the giveaways you can do the following. Please leave a comment on this post for each opportunity you take. Then you will be able to use these entries in each giveaway you enter (after doing the mandatory entry of course).

5 extra entries - Post my event button on your blog and leave it there for the length of the event. Leave a comment with a link, so I can check it out. :)

3 extra entries - Post about my giveaway on your facebook page. Be sure to tag @Lynifer's Blog and link to this post. Leave a comment with a link to the post.

I am really excited to be able to bring some great companies and products to my readers. Many of these companies will also have coupon codes for me to offer up with the reviews! Keep your eyes peeled in the weeks to come! Great things are happening here at Lynifer's Blog!

Until next time... Happy Blogging!

Jan 5, 2011

Blog Bounce!

Hi All!
I found a great little blog hop that Raising my 5 Sons is hosting! It is really simple and you can get some great followers from it. I am joining the bounce and I hope you do too (if you have a blog of course!)!

And just as an FYI, I am planning a giveaway when I reach 300 followers! I will be making up a grab bag-esc giveaway of featured items all made by Lynifer. So...

Until next time... Happy Following!

Jan 4, 2011

Oh Happy New Year

Well, 2010 came and went in a flash. I can't believe that it is already 2011. With the Christmas season, we were pretty busy as a family. LJ got to celebrate Christmas for 5 days basically. We have that much family and friends to celebrate with, everything gets broken down into smaller gatherings. It was crazy. This was not helped by the fact that we thought I was going into pre-term labor the weekend before Christmas. I started contracting and it would not always go away when I rested. I ended up on a form of bed rest for the week leading up to Christmas and during the Holidays. Luckily Hubby was home all but one day between Christmas and New Years and my sister stayed with us for the second half of the week between as well. I just did not want Baby C to come before Christmas  because I knew it would most likely mean me in the Hospital during what has always been the biggest holiday for me.
Tomorrow marks 36 weeks for me. I am really excited about that. I go to see my doctor later today for my check up. This week will start my weekly visits. I am really curious to see what is going on as I have begun to contract again, even with resting. She is starting to act like LJ did for the entire week before he was born. I am glad though that I know what "false" labor is and what will be more real. With LJ I was in a form of false labor, but I sort of consider it just not active enough for the hospital to keep me. Each day that I was checked, I would be further along, but I just wouldn't progress within an hour of walking. That was just no fun going back and forth to my doc's office and the middle of the night hospital trips. Each time we would get so excited and think we were going to meet our bundle, but they would send up home.
Now we are being a little more cautious and luckily Hubby is really good at down playing things and not letting things ramp up when they are not warranted.
Yesterday and today have been a bit fun. I do contract off and on, but man oh man have I been nesting! Yesterday I did diaper laundry and regular laundry and I made two more prefold diapers for Baby C. I also felt compelled to bring in our infant car seat and put the pink bunting in it that I got off of Freecycle. I am not sure if bunting is really the right word for it, but it is the nice thick fleece outer with like sherpa-esk material on the inside to keep the baby warm. I also started to drink my Red Raspberry leaf tea yesterday. I drank a ton of that with LJ and I know it didn't hurt and it tastes decent, so it helps me to stay hydrated. By doing a quick google search, you can find a ton of great information about how it can help with everyday women's issues, but it can really help with preparing for labor as well.
I know this has been a bit of a nothing post, but I just had to blog a bit and also sort of explain why I haven't been blogging as much and I may not be for a little bit yet. It will all depend on when Baby C decides to make her appearance. We think it might be really neat if she did end up being born today as today is my Aunt's birthday and this is the Aunt that is an delivery nurse and would be helping to deliver Baby C and helped with LJ as well. :)

Until next time...Happy Living!

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