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May 14, 2012

{31 Days of Blogging} Day 13 - My Earliest Memory

I am trying to think of what some of my earliest memories are and how old I may have been when they happened. At this point I can just go by where I was living when I have these memories. There are a few that stick out in my mind from our first house. We moved from my first house to our second house when I was 5 years (and 1 month). So, I am going to recall a few of my earliest memories, and they are all from our first house and when my dad was still alive.
I can remember one time I started walking down the stairs into our basement and sat on a step when I heard my sister and my dad in the basement. All I remember then is my dad gave my sister a big hug and she picked him up off the floor. Now what you have to remember is that my sister is only 4 years older than I am and I moved from that house when I was 5. My dad was 5'5" and about 110 lbs, in his 30s. I love the relationship my dad had with my sister. He really did love her like his own. This little moment always stuck with me, and I am glad it did. I don't know why it stuck in my mind as much as it has, but I love it.
My second memory is that of the very large evergreen tree in the front of our house catching fire. My sister and I were sitting having mac n cheese for dinner. My dad was cleaning up and my mom was out at a dinner for her work. I believe our neighbor called or came over and told us that there was a fire out front (we didn't really have a view of the front from our kitchen). My dad and our neighbor's one son began filling large pots and whatever they could with water and taking them out front to the fire while they waited for the fire department. My dad wanted us to finish up our dinner and then go out the back door to our neighbor's house (the other side of the twin we lived in). In the almost panic of the situation, my sister almost forgot herself and began to head for the front door when leaving after putting her dish in the sink. She was quickly reminded to go out the back. :) The fire department never did figure out how the fire started. We are so happy that the house was not affected. Limbs of that tree were literally inches from our porch roof, but nothing even singed any part of our house.
Now for my final memory for today. We lived in one half of a twin. The front and back porches were split by half walls. We were very close to our neighbor who was a the best older Italian woman ever. We all loved her. Routinely we would cross over the half wall in order to go visit. One day when I was heading over the wall of our back porch, I fell backwards. Please note that the walls and porches were made from cement. Cement porches and 4 year old (or whatever age I was) heads do not mix very well. My head hit the porch, and I believe it may have even bounced. My dad was holding me as we drove to the hospital. On the way I began to doze and my dad was doing everything to keep me awake. As part of that memory I remember laying in a dimly lit room with Disney pictures on the wall. I was there for quite some time and it was to the point I swore the animals and people in the pictures were moving and even talking to me.

Those are three of my earliest memories. I don't know which one happened first or last. Knowing that we were in our old house is all I can base the timing on.

Until next time... Happy Memories!
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