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May 31, 2012

{31 Days of Blogging} Day 31 - Why do I do what I do?

This was another prompt that I was really looking forward to writing. Warning: This may get to be a long post! :)
Why do I blog? Well, the answer to this question has changed since I began this blog. When I first started blogging, I was entering giveaways galore. So often when entering giveaways, you can get extra entries by writing a blog post. For the giveaways I was entering, I wanted as many extra entries as I could hoping that I could win some cloth diapers for LJ and other nice goodies. So, I started blogging for extra entries. Looking at my first posts, you can see that plain as day.
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Then I realized that I really liked blogging. I wanted to share my life with others online. I started blogging more about life in our house. This was very therapeutic at times. My love of cloth grew during this time too. I wanted to share cloth with the world. At least the small part of the world that found my blog. I wanted to advocate the products I love. Share my experiences good and bad.
I like love to write. I love the community of people that blogging brings together. I love reading the stories from other moms. I love finding and building relationships with other moms and caregivers out there who have shared in some of the experiences I have had. I love sharing about my life. I have found blogging to be a wonderful outlet for so many different aspects of life. Yes, blogging as made it possible to try out some great products for free, but that is not my main reason for doing so. I am trying to give my family the best life I can. At times, blogging as given me the chance to vent and stay sane, and other times it has offered me other options to problems I face. Blogging has given me a wonderful outlet. I love blogging. I am so glad that I started this and I look forward to keeping at it for some time.
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Now, on to closing up this great challenge. I can't believe that it has been a month of blogging ever day. The time did go by quickly. There were days when really, I just wasn't feeling the prompt or did not have the time needed to write the best post possible. There is still one post that I have yet to do even. The Fridge post. Part of me hates the idea of showing off my fridge as it is a disaster. Also, I haven't really had the time to work on the post. It will be up, eventually. Now that I will not be working to keep up with the challenge prompts, I can go back to it and work more on it. Hopefully in a few days you will see it. I hope you have enjoyed the little posts that have come each day. I have enjoyed writing the posts. I do hope to not fall off of the frequent posts quite so much. I know it might not be every day, but I am going to try for posting a few times a week.

Until next time.... Happy Blogging!
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