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Dec 30, 2009

Diaper Patterns

So, I have thought, like many CDing mommas have I am sure, about making my own cloth diapers since I do my own sewing venture anyway. I have thought of liners and now making the diapers themselves. I wanted to share a few sites I have found and things I have learned. First off, I have found that it is easier than it originally seems it would be. At first I was thinking liners would be about as far as I could take my sewing experience. Now with the sites I have found, I think covers and fitteds or pockets are not out of my reach at all. I think one of my personal favorite sites for making a cloth diaper pattern is the Tutorial at Erin Joy Quilts. She really makes it an easy process to make a pattern that would be perfect for making diapers for your own little one. As long as you have the measurements you need, you can also make these for almost any baby, just making a new pattern or figuring out the right scaling say on a copier might work (I am thinking aloud).
There are also a ton, seriously a ton, of sites out there that offer free or paid patterns. One site that has links for you to look through is Celtic Cloths. I did find some really helpful sites through them and on their site itself. They also have some fabrics and other supplies available for sale through their site.
I did however find another site that I really like the looks of that sells the aplix and PUL material. I am thinking of buying some to test out my abilities to make a diaper or two. The name of that site is Sew Shoppe. The Sew Shoppe does also have a link for patterns as well.
I love all of the sites that you are able to find to help mommas learn to cloth diaper and to make their own diapers from what they have on hand or can quickly and easily buy online. There are a ton of links that I have saved over the last few weeks that I hope to slowly but surely share with you so that you too may come to love cloth diapering or the making of diapers.

Dec 29, 2009

Real Nappies Review and Giveaway on Happily Domestic!

So, there is another great Blessed Event giveaway going on right now at Happily Domestic. I love the reviews written on this site. She offers up nicely detailed reviews with a lot of real world use. She has a new little one on which she is able to use and try so many different kinds of diapers and other products. I highly recommend that you check out the reviews and giveaways on Happily Domestic!

Dec 21, 2009

First Fluffy Mail!

Well, it has finally happened. I recieved my very first fluff mail on friday. I was so excited! My LO was sleeping when we got home from our errands and so I got to rip it open and check everything out. I had ordered from Kelly's Closet. Basically everything I got was on sale. I originally started shopping there when I saw that they had the Babylegs on sale for $6 a pair! I have been wanting them for a long time for my little man who is 20 months and now 20 pounds. Yeah, no body fat what so ever. So I got 2 pairs of babylegs, a bumGenius! deluxe AIO, one of their bamboo fitteds, a Thirsties cover, and four micro terry inserts for just over $50, and that made it so that I could get an Econobum cover and prefold for FREE. I love this order. I have a little bit of each so I can try things out with my son and see what we like best. This morning he has on the bamboo fitted with the Thirsties cover on and a pair of the babylegs to try to keep him warmer while we are around the house. He is so cute. I will have to take a picture when he wakes up from his nap.
I am so excited for this shipment. I can't wait to get another fluff mail that I am getting from another mom on DiaperSwappers. I would love to get a better stash going and then also recruit some of my friends who are having their own LOs.
I just had to share. :)

Huge $300 Giveaway!

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Dec 14, 2009

FuzziBunz Giveaway on Suburban Saving Momma

I love the blog called Suburban Saving Momma. She has tons of giveaways going and she gives really good reviews on everything she tries. Right now she has a giveaway going for a Free FuzziBunz from Wee little Changes. I love her review and I really hope I win. You should check it out and see if you can win something!

Leg Huggers Giveaway on The Cloth Diaper Report

Hi all. So, as I mentioned in my other post, I love giveaways. I found another one. The Cloth Diaper Report has tons of giveaways going. One of them is for a pair of Leg Huggers. These are great for keeping your little one warm when the weather gets cold. I plan to use leg warmers like the Leg Huggers to keep my little guy warm when I change his diaper and we are on the go, or have him wear just those around the house in the winter to make changing him that much easier for all of us. There are a ton of really cute patterns. You should check them out!

"Feed Your Stash" fridays button

Being new to cloth diapering, I have searched and found many mommy blogs and others that have reviews and giveaways. I have entered to many trying to win something that will help me cloth diaper my son a little more and easier. This post is dedicated to one of those sites. The cloth Diaper blog has "Feed Your Stash" Fridays. they are great. Every Friday for one week they give away free diapers from their store. It is great. Here their button"
FREE DIAPERS at Feed Your Stash Friday

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