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May 7, 2012

Disney Fever

Well, I cannot contain my enthusiasm much more. Mommom and Pop couldn't devote their time to planning our Disney World trip until they got back from taking a big trip with mommom's mom and sisters.
Guess what... that trip is over! They got back very very early Sunday morning (think 1am). This means we are going to start planning our big trip that is going to take place this fall.
I am so excited. I wish it would be here sooner! We are beginning to plan what Hubby and I will do to get the kids ramped up for the trip. I am thinking "the 60 days of Disney" personally. We would start 60 days before we leave and start by watching Disney movies like Snow White, Cinderella, etc. Then as we get closer, adding more to what we are doing to get ready for the trip. We aren't sure exactly what it will all look like but we are all just so excited we can't help but try to get the kids just as excited.
I just couldn't contain my excitement any longer.

Do you have big trips planned for summer or otherwise?

Until next time... Happy trip planning!

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