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Jan 31, 2010

Who doesn't love Free Groceries?

Okay, so you aren't guaranteed free groceries, but below you can enter to win free groceries for a year. I have gotten in my entries... you should too. Who knows, you may win.
Hey, I just entered this contest on Cozi.com to win free groceries for a year. All you have to do is put in your email address.

Even if you don’t enter, please click the link to help me win. (I get an extra entry for telling you.) Thanks!

I was MIA

Hi all! I realize I was MIA this past week. Well, that is because we were on a family ski trip. We all went up to the Poconos with my husband's family so that they could ski and we could all go snow-tubing. It was a lot of fun. LJ was not sure of snow-tubing, but he did love the water park that is in the Great Wolf Lodge. If you have never heard of the Great Wolf Lodge or been to one, I highly recommend it! I will have a post with some pictures when I am able to get them off of my camera. I hope everyone had a great week. I can't wait to catch up on all the posts I missed while I was away.

Jan 22, 2010

Babylegs Review and Giveaway at Suburban Saving Momma

As many of the fluff pictures I post show, my son is a skinny mini and I have babylegs for him. I love Babylegs. They are great for winter time around here. And I love to be able to put Lj in just a shirt, his diaper, and some babylegs and not have to worry about him getting chilly while we hang out around the house. I am a total advocate for leg warmers now.
Anyway, Suburban Saving Momma is having a great giveaway of a $15 gift certificate to Babylegs. I think it would be a great thing to check out, enter, and maybe be able to get your own little one some really awesome stuff. Babylegs, isn't just leg warmers, either. They carry girls tights, baby socks, and have gift sets. All around, it is good stuff!

Freebie Fridays! #2

Here is week two of Freebie Fridays! It is amazing how hard it can be to not post some of these freebies until Friday. Anyway, here you go gals!

Kerasal Exfoliating Foot Ointment FREE sample


Free Cream of Wheat Sample


Free Greenworks Sample


Free Kashi Cereal Sample


Purex 3-in-1 Sample


And for even more Freebies and deals you can always check out bargainbriana.com

Jan 21, 2010

Fluff Talk Thursday #2

Today's Topic: How I Store My Stash
Hello all. Going along with Happily Domestic's Fluff Talk topic this week I am going to talk all about storing my cloth diapers. So, my LJ does not have the largest room. None of our bedrooms are all that large. When I was pregnant with LJ one of my good friends gave me her changing table. It is one with two shelves under the table part. Let me say I have been so incredibly happy with this changing table, and it coming to me free is even better. So, I will show off the pics now and continue chatting about them after I show you what I am talking about...

So, the first picture shows my table over all. I have two boxes to help with organizing and then have the "ready-to-go" diapers stacked in between. The second picture shows my extra fluff storage. This is the prefolds and inserts that aren't currently in a diaper or set up for use. The other bin you see in the picture has my gDiaper flushable inserts as well as the disposable diapers we have. It has also come in handy to hold fitteds that don't fit on my "ready-to-go" stacks.
I have my disposable wipes refill bag next to my fluff bin. I do have two containers for wipes right now. Since we still use disposable diapers at night (I have yet to be brave enough to try cloth at night with my heavy wetter), we have a bin with disposable wipes in it (the yellow bin). I actually took a sharpie to each wipes container and labeled them so there isn't confusion and it just makes changing time a little nicer. The white wipes bin has the wipes (paper towels) in the solution I made so we have flushable wipes as well. I have more on that topic in my Tips Tuesday post.
I am getting slightly saddened as I am running out of room for the stash I have and the current set-up I have, but I don't want to change my set-up until after we move, since that will probably be happening in the next four or so months. Once LJ has a bigger room, we might be able to have a better solution cooked up, but for now. That is how I store my stash.
Hope you enjoyed today's Fluff Talk Thursday!

Jan 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday #2

I have one good picture for today. Seeing boys with their underwear hanging out or pants below their butt is not cool. But this...

is just too cute! I love when he shows off the fluff without even trying.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Jan 19, 2010

Tips Tuesday

So, I thought I would post what I do for my first try at making my own flushable baby wipes. I know that there are a lot of recipes out there for making your own baby wipes solution. I wanted one though that I could make with things I have around the house, especially those that I may have more than enough of from my baby shower and gifts. So, I found a recipe that uses all baby products and water.
So, here is the run down of my first attempt at flushable baby wipes with a review to follow.
The recipe is:
1 C water
1 T baby oil
1 T baby lotion (I used the nighttime lotion to make it calming)
1 T Baby wash/shampoo

Then I cut a generic select-a-size roll of paper towels in half. Remove the cardboard core (this can be done after soaking, this can be easier after moisture has been introduced). Place the paper towels in to your container and squirt some of the wipe solution over the wipes, giving ample time for saturation to occur before use. 

I actually doubled this recipe when making my first batch. I used hot water and then mixed in the baby oil and the lotion and shampoo. By adding the oil in first the lotion and shampoo just slide right off the measuring spoon and into your mixture. When making the mixture you want to make sure to use a wide mouthed glass bottle. I tried using a plastic bottle, but the hot water can make the plastic warp a bit. Once the mixture is all cooled, then you can put it right into a bottle that will make it easy to squirt it on the wipes. I used an old water bottle we were going to recycle and put on one of the sport caps we had around the house from another old water bottle. When reading the recipe sites, they said the solution might only last a couple days, but mine has lasted a week or so with no problem (musty smells, molding, mildewing).
I want to make sure to note that using cheaper generic paper towels is not always the best. If you want to use paper towels  for flushable wipes, try splurging on either Viva or Bounty towels. They hold up a bit better. The wipes I now have are a little small, but that doesn't bother me as much as the thinness and their propensity to tear when I try to remove them for the container or while I am cleaning LJ's bum.
I hope you found my first attempt of a Tips Tuesday post helpful.

Jan 16, 2010

Daddy Diaper Event Coming Soon on Mama Dweeb

Hello all! So, I just wanted to give all cloth diapering mamas (and those who are thinking about it) a big heads up. I just found a new mommy blogger, Mama Dweeb, and she will be having her very first cloth diaper event in February. Her husband will actually take all of her event diapers and review them in videos. So, we will all know which ones are "Daddy approved." I highly recommend that you all head on over and check out her event and also ways to get a few more entries in to her giveaways.

Jan 15, 2010

Freebie Fridays! #1

While I love memes and being a part of the crowd, I am going to start my own themed weekday. Today I am kicking off Freebie Fridays here on Lynifer's blog.
Each Friday I will post the freebies that I have found throughout the week. I will put them all in to one handy post so you don't have to search tons of posts for the good freebies. I do not always test each freebie out, but I do my best to make sure each freebie I list is legitimate and from a site I feel can be trusted.

Free Purex Complete 3–in–1 Laundry Sheets sample

Free Barbara's Organic Cereal Sample

Free Kotex Sample Pack (three links for you to try)



 Free Cream Of Wheat Sample

Head and Shoulders Sample (P&G Saver)

Gold Bond Ultimate Hand Sanitizer and Moisturiser


Jan 11, 2010

Thirsties Giveaway at Organic Girl

Organic Girl is currently having a review and giveaway at her blog. The item up for review and giveaway you ask? A Thirsties Duo Diaper! With such a great diaper up for review and giveaway, how can you not head on over to her site and enter?
Organic Girl's button is also in my "buttons" section, so you can link to her from this site any time.
Organic Girl

Jan 8, 2010

I did it!

I did it! I have finally gotten the time and design to make my first diaper insert. I think some of the most time consuming part of the design process was the research into size and materials to make the best insert I could with materials I would not have to order online in order to make the insert. I came up with one layer of flannel to make the insert nice and soft against the skin (if left to be against baby's skin), followed by two layers of microfiber and two layers of quality cotton. I decided to use a fairly common measurement of 5.5" by 12".
I like microfiber for the absorbant layers to quickly take in the wetness, but the feeling it has whenever I handle it and the way it loves to cling on for dear life to anything it touches in the dryer, made it that I didn't want it to be the only material I used. Anyway, here are some pictures I took of my insert.

Jan 7, 2010

Fluff Talk Thursday #1

So, Thank you to Happily Domestic for such a great meme. This weeks Fluff Talk Thursday is "Fluffy Christmas". All that participate in Fluff Talk Thursdays this week will be showing off their fluffy bummed Christmas pictures. The first picture that I am going to share was just before Christmas. It is harder to see the fluffy bum, but my LJ decided to help me out and take all of the gInserts and sposies out of their storage basket. I have since put them in something he can't really get in to.

This second picture was taken just after the New Year. 

Our holidays were so busy, I didn't even think to get some really cute pictures of LJ in his fluff around the tree or his presents. 
I hope you all enjoyed this Fluff Talk Thursday. I enjoy checking out any others who participate in Happily Domestic's Fluff Talk Thursday. Be sure to check out her post and the McLinky at the end of her post for more poster's fluffy pictures.

Jan 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday #1

I am joining in with other mommy blogs and starting Wordless Wednesday. So, now for the fun stuff...


Well, I want to make this blog about cloth diapering, but also touch on my other love, coupons and freebies. When I find some freebies or really good deals, I will try to get them posted so that all of you can get the freebies as well.
So, here are some of the freebies that I know are going on right now.
Get a Free Post-it Durable Tabs Sample Here.
Get Free Pancakes at IHOP on Feb 23rd (National Pancake Day).
Get an Aveeno Tote Bag Here.
Another great mommy blog to follow for freebies and coupons is Moms Need to Know. A big thanks to Kristen for pointing me to this blog.
Happy bargain hunting!

Jan 3, 2010

Fluff Times Three!

I love fluff mail. I am in heaven when I get fluff mail times three in one day. On New Years Eve day the mail man ended up delivering three separate pieces of fluff mail. I must say I am in love with diaperswappers.com. Two of my fluffies were from moms that I had purchased from on that site. The other was from a site called Cotton Babies. For any newly cloth diapering mommas, I would highly recommend checking out the sales sections of diaper store sites first! I saved big time on some great dipes. I was able to get a bumGenius bamboo fitted for the cheapest I have seen yet. This was even cheaper than if I went to another cloth diaper store on the net.
So, as I am feverishly opening my new packages I am showing off each diaper to my hubby. He must have thought I was nuts with how excited I get with some of the new dipes I have yet to try and the like. I love trying out new diapers and seeing what we (LJ and I) like best and what works best for us, since every baby is different.
I do have some pictures of my LJ in one or two diapers and also a couple of my newly updated stash. I will try to post them soon. Now that the holidays are over, I will hopefully be able to get more on track with this blog and have more posts.

A quick thanks to all those who are following me. I do love finding more moms that are interested in saving money and also cloth diapering. As my following grows, I hope to offer up a lot more through this blog. Have a great day!

Jan 2, 2010

One Size Diaper Event!

I have found a great new mommy blog and I want to share one of the newest events going on at this blog. The name is Take Time to Smell the Rose. This blog has tons going on with cloth diapers, but also other family topics. Going on right now at Take Time to Smell the Rose, there is a One Size Cloth Diaper Event. The Event started the 1st of January and she will be featuring 22 different one size diapers during the duration of the event. This is a great event for those who are looking to learn more about one size diapers and maybe even win a few. You should check it out. You can either click on one of the links I have provided or click on her Event button below.

I hope you check out the Event and if I don't win anything, maybe you will. Enjoy!

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