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Oct 25, 2016

The Skinny on Skinny & Co.

Who doesn't love reviews. More often than not, when I am looking for a new product, I look for reviews before I buy. Here is where I help you find a great new company; Skinny & Co.
Skinny Coconut Oil is the only 100% raw, alkaline coconut oil on themarket today. Handpicked, wild-harvested

Coconut oil has become huge as we learn all the ways it can benefit our health and beauty. Skinny Coconut oil is made in small batches that are cold pressed, and they only use 100% pure raw coconuts from the jungles of Vietnam. 
I received a few products that I want to share with you today. I received five products to test out and will cover most of them here. I tried out a sugar scrub, oil pulling, body butter, facial oil, and a pure coconut oil. 
First, my favorite product. I am a sucker really for scrubs. I love how they make my skin feel, and this one is just down right awesome. When I opened the jar, I just wanted to eat it up, it smelled that good. The best part, I could! See, not only can I use this as a sugar scrub on my skin, but I could also use it in coffee or tea, or on my lips. Everything is completely natural in it, so it is totally edible. I have not tasted it yet, but I have been super tempted to.
I was in one of my best friend's wedding in September, and I got these products just in time. My legs really needed some tlc, and I started with this baby. The sugar and vanilla in this scrub send you straight to the spa. After using it, my legs did feel so nice and soft. I was in love.
This was actually the very first product I tried from this line, and it was my first time using anything with coconut oil. To be honest, I had to look up oil pulling just to know what this was for. For those who do not know, oil pulling is taking a small amount of coconut oil and swishing it in your mouth for 10-20 minutes. It can help freshen breath, whiten your teeth, and remove plaque. With those kinds of benefits, I was going to give it a try. Skinny oil pulling oil is infused with peppermint oil to really freshen your breath while pulling. I loved the peppermint in this. Truly, I only pulled once, as it was not something I was really in to. Although it is not my cup of tea, for those who do like to oil pull, I would highly recommend this product, as it was nice with the added minty feel.
Of course you cannot try out a bunch of coconut oil products without trying the good stuff, just by itself. I was so happy when one of the jars I received was their pure coconut oil. I have been wanting to try out coconut oil for some time, actually since my mom started using it when fighting her cancer. So, it has been over two years. My family is not big on the taste of coconut, so I had to be careful with how much I used at any one time. This jar stayed in my kitchen. I liked using it to help replace some of the oil I use in cooking. If I can boost my metabolism at all, I will be a fan. This oil has not been overpowering at all, and the family hasn't even noticed when I do use it. Another win. 
These are the last two products that I was given for review and testing. This is where I had some pause with my review. I love using the oil for how it can help my health and the scrub is nice. With these two products I would end up with a little more of an oil feel to my skin that I just was not a complete fan of. I know that others truly love these products, but they were just not necessarily my forte. There are many ways that I can use the body butter, but some I have to wait on. The body butter can be good to use after getting a bit too much sun, for now I have to wait until summer to really test that out. Also, it can be use for skin rash or baby acne, and I don't really come across those much anymore. So, I don't want my pause to make you not try out these great products. They could be awesome for many others. 

Overall, I have loved working with the company and trying out these great coconut oil products. They have been so wonderful to work with.

Now, I want to give you all a chance to try out their products as well. The great people at Skinny & Co have given me a discount code for you all to use! Just head on over to their website and you will receive 15% off any Skinny & Co. order, when you use the discount code - SKINNYCO15.

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