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May 6, 2012

{31 Days of Blogging} Day 6 - My Senses

Today's prompt is an interesting one. What are my five senses right now?
See: I am seeing the mess of my bedroom. Today is a late post, so I am already up in my bedroom and posting from bed. Gotta love laptops! 

Hear: I am hearing the commercials on the channel that is showing one of my fav shows; Law & Order: SVU.

Feel: I am feeling my comfy cozy sheets and oh so comfortable bed. I love my bed. Of course, I would love it more if Hubby was next to me.

Smell: Not smelling very much right now. Happy to not be smelling diapers or that nonsense. I hate when the trash starts to smell. 

Taste: I am tasting the Rolo minis and Reeses' minis that I have been munching on. They are so tasty and very addicting!

Seeing as it is almost ten at night and BG was up before 6 this morning, I am going to make this post a short one. Night all!

Until next time... Happy Sensing!
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