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May 17, 2012

{31 Days of Blogging} Day 17 - My Proudest Moment

Happy and proud are two very different things. In my relatively young life, I haven't had a ton of "proudest" moments. I am going to tell you my happiest and possibly proudest moments in one.

My first happiest moment is my wedding day. I married my best friend. On our wedding day, we had been dating for 6 years. We were engaged for 4 years (so we could both finish college). Much of that day is a blur truly. I remember bits and pieces, but all I know is that it was such a happy day. Hubby and I were completely ready for it. Nerves weren't really a part of it at all.

My second happiest moment: giving birth to my son.
That leads right to my third moment: the birth of my daughter. These two events need no explanation or more words. Every mother knows what I was feeling, I am sure.
BG shortly after birth. 
Now, for proud moments. I guess maybe graduating was a "proud" moment. I only ever walked for my high school graduation. I didn't walk after college because I graduated in summer and didn't want to walk surrounded by strangers. Those I had done most of my schooling with were graduating a different time.
Another moment I may have been proud would be when we signed the papers for our first house.

I want to qualify this post. For me it is very hard to say that I have been proud about many things. I attribute this to my faith. Pride is not something that should be part of a Christian's life. I have trouble distinguishing between being proud, or happy about something that has happened or I have done, and pride. I know that much of this may be in my head, but I don't really have any other head to use for reasoning, now do I? :) I don't know that I have ever really had that moment of truly feeling proud about an accomplishment or anything like that. I am just being as honest as possible.

Until next time... Happy memory making!
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