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May 2, 2012

Ah the Nights of Mommy

This post has been written in two parts. The first, very early in the morning, middle of the night to many. The second, mid day, while my little ones nap. 

I am typing this post at 1am. Yes, I am up at 1am. Do I want to be? NO. It has seemed that good, solid, restful sleep is alluding BG these past two nights. She has not wanted to fall asleep using the usual bedtime routine and once we do put her up in her crib, she is waking rather often.
I am thinking that although she just cut two teeth last week, she may be cutting more. It is either that, or she is having a growth spurt that is causing her pain. Either way, the Tylenol I gave her before bed, does not seem to be helping her sleep through this night. She woke up probably about midnight, and we have ended up downstairs with her in the swing. I am hoping to move her shortly, but we shall see.
Ah, what a night! I did try moving her shortly after I stopped writing this post. It did not work. She was awake within steps from the swing. I did lay with her on the couch for a while and she fell back to sleep. Again I did try moving her and she woke once again. All told, I believe we were in this cycle of sleeping and moving and waking until 2 something. Then she was up around 4? and then 6 or 7 something. The last time she woke after Hubby had gone to work, I brought her into bed with me where she promptly feel back to sleep and we both snoozed until brother came in and woke up after 8. Really, I lost all track of times and the number of wakings. With all the wakings and crying in her sleep, I was dreaming of her sleeping as soundly as she was in the picture above.
With two fairly sleepless nights in a row, mommy is getting decently worn out. I do hope that whatever is causing this sleeplessness resolves quickly. Who knows, it may even be something that is brought up at her well check tomorrow afternoon. Maybe we will see new teeth in that mouth of hers. Time will tell. For now, thank you for listening to the ramblings of this tired mommy.

Until next time... Happy Sleeping!
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