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Jun 8, 2012

Shame on Me

Here I said I was going to try blogging a little more after the 31 day challenge was over. Then I promptly forgot about blogging and kept moving through our, what now seems the norm, busy life.
Photo by: Markusram
Spring has sprung and in many ways is more of summer before summer ever truly arrives. This week has finally dropped the temps a bit, so playing outside can happen without mommy melting. I do not do well in the heat and retreat quickly when the temps rise. I feel bad that this happens and LJ just wants someone out there to play with him other than his little sister and the dog. But, now we are making our backyard more of our own little oasis, so maybe I can do this a little more often without melting quite so much.
Last year we took the big Black Walnut trees out of our yard. I hated them and they came down. This left our yard with basically no shade. Not cool! We finally broke down and went out to buy one of those fabric gazebos. All of the really nice ones are pretty pricey. I hate spending that kind of money when I don't think the product is worth the inflated pricing. We ended finding and liking one of the portable/foldable gazebos, like really great for camping. It even has optional sun shade sides that can be added, and there happened to be two sides on the next shelf over. I wanted shade sides and not just netting since I need the shade, not all the bug control.
Then while doing some great yard sale searching we found a combo water and sand table for $5. I was excited. LJ was even happier because, well, he loves both of those things. Now, we can have shade, he can play in the sand or water, and I can still position it in the shade of our canopy. Between this and his awesome track, I think LJ is pretty set for the summer months. Of course, BG loves it all too. :)
I think things are shaping up for a fun summer and a great fall. I am excited to see what happens these next few months.

Until next time... Happy Outdoor time!
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