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May 22, 2012

{31 Days of Blogging} Day 22 - Best Happenings

After the other day and focusing on things that have happened that have been low points in life, today I am happy to focus on more positive times. It is hard to believe that we are already on day 22 of this challenge. What are some of the best things to happen this year? It is hard to say really. If I just look at the calendar year, one great thing was celebrating BG's first birthday. Then about one month later we celebrated my birthday. Then a little over a month after that, LJ turned 4.
Some of the best things for this year are yet to come. We have really gotten into the thick of planning our Disney trip that will happen this fall. We are working hard to not talk about it too much with LJ around because we do not want him to start getting too excited now, and then when it really comes time to go, he is like "this isn't anything new." We are going to wait until the Monday before we leave to truly get the two little ones really amped up about it. We are going to get our RV on Friday and then leave really early Saturday, that the kids will probably sleep in the camper. :) That should be really fun.

So, we have had some good times so far, and we have even more great times to come, Lord willing. :) What are some of the greatest times you have had so far this year?

Until next time... Happy Living!
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