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May 18, 2012

{31 Days of Blogging} Day 18 - What's in a Name?

Names say so much. But what is really in a name? What is in the name of this blog?
Well, I can at least answer the one about my blog. :) The Primary reason for the name, my business. I originally looked at this blog as a means to not only blog about life, but mostly promote my busniess, talk about what I was working on, and the like.
Now that begs the question, why Lynifer?
When in high school I began what has become my best friendship. We are like sisters. We grew to feel like sisters from very early on in the friendship too. My best friend would always call my Lynifer. When I was coming up with something to call my business, and then my blog, this one always stayed with me. Not only is it what my girl always called me, but it always felt fitting that she called me this because it was also a mash of the name I was born with. I have had many last names (well, three but that is plenty) but I was born an Onifer. I no longer held that as my last name come the fourth grade, but not it is again part of my name. It partly names my business and my blog.
Not only do I think of my best friend every time I see or think of my blog, I think of my father, and my family.

Now I ask.... What is in your name?

Until next time... Happy living!
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