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Mar 1, 2010

Mommy Monday

I always love finding cute little titles to match like the day of the week, to maybe start a little meme kind of thing. So, Mommy Mondays will be for mommy stuff. I know that really covers a lot of material, but I think that might be best, because you can almost always find something to talk about that is covered under the umbrella of being a mommy.
Today I thought I would do a little plug for a new site I found, but also just sort of write about one new love of mine, consignment. Once I was a mommy my love for saving grew even more. I had always been a fan of checking out consignment shops in my area to see what bargains I could find. We have some really great ones around here that specialize in kids stuff. But, I have also loved how groups of moms get together and have seasonal consignment sales. I think this is great because selling your items more directly can get you a lot more money than taking it to a shop and some shops can be so strict in what they take, but you know that if you showed it to a mom, she would still buy it (even though the last shop you took it to said it was not good enough). So, This brings me to the site: Consignment Mommies.
I just stumbled across a link to this site while running down my endless list of friends and fan sites on facebook. This site lets you search for consignment sales near you. You put in your area code (or whatever area code you want to search) and say how far you would go for the sale (5, 10 , 20, 50, 100 miles) and you can even tell it to search a special date if you want. Then hit search and it will find sales for you! How awesome is this?! I mean instead of having to scour the ads in the newspaper (who has time with little ones needing every waking moment) or checking for fliers at the stores, you can go to one nice site and it will do the work for you. I think one of the better features of this site is that it offers ratings and reviews of the sales. Mommies who have gone to the sales in the past can offer their honest opinions of the sale so you know. Was this sale to overpriced or not a lot of selection was offered? Was this sale the best ever? This site tells you!
I am consigning some clothing from my little LJ in this spring's Simply Kids Sale along with my mom and sister. After volunteering for a three hour shift we will be getting 70% of what our clothes sold for. How great is that? So many consignment shops in the area don't offer that kind of return. I am in love with idea, too, that if you want, you can donate items that don't sell. So, if you really don't want that clothing going back to your house after the sale, you can set it to be donated to a local charity or shelter.
I think Consigning is such a great way to get the old out, and pick up a little cash for it to buy some great new stuff. :)
Do you have stuff sitting around your house from your little ones that will never be used again in your household? Why not consign it and pick up a little cash. Who knows, all those onesies and sleepers could add up to a hefty chuck of change. :)
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