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Mar 16, 2010

YAY! I did it!

I have been wanting to make a wetbag duffel of sorts for the longest time. We have a large lidded trash can in my son's room that used to be for the disposables. Well, since we now only use max like one (maybe two) a day, that seems sort of silly; and by the time the bag is full enough to take out, the stuff in the bottom is totally gross. So, anyway, a few weeks ago I ordered a yard of Kelly green PUL from a great little online store, Kids in the Garden. I think I mentioned them in a previous post, as I also got a great little sample pack of her PUL. Anyway, I finally got to use my PUL. About the time that I ordered the PUL, I measured my trash can so that I knew what size to make my duffel. Two nights ago, I finally got to make my wetbag duffel and put it to use!

That is my new wetbag duffel! I am so happy. It works great!The patch of flannel in the upper corner is so that I can put oils on it to help with the smell. I have vanilla and love it. I made it a drawstring so then I can pull it tight against the rim to hold it in place while in the can and then close it pretty tight when carrying it to the wash.
The way I did the seams makes it so that it doesn't leak. I put a bunch of water in the bag and swished it around and nothing. Bot even bleeding from where I sewed on the flannel or where I had to resew a section when my bobbin ran out.
So, now the plug for my business. Yesterday I was so thrilled with all that I have been accomplishing, that I added this to my website already, and it is available for sale on Lynifer. I make them the size they need to be. So, if your can is 45 inches around at the top and like 30 inches top to bottom (on the inside) then that is what I make it to. :-)
I even have enough PUL left over to make a smaller travel wetbag some day and maybe something else. :-)
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