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Mar 24, 2010

Silence Explained

I know I have been quiet lately. Well, here is why.
These are pictures of all of the clothing and accessories that i have been preparing for a consignment sale that is taking place this weekend. My mom, sister and I are all putting stuff in the sale under two consignor numbers. I have been doing all of the inputting in to the computer, printing of tags, and then tagging of the items. I would say that is probably close to 200 pieces of clothing all told. I take it all to the fire house tonight to drop it off for sale. The sale then runs from Friday evening through Saturday. If you live in the area you should check out Simply Kids. It is being held at the Norco Fire Company. I am almost done with the tagging (putting the tags actually on the clothing). Of course, I left my stuff for last. :) Most of this was actually my sister's clothing. My mom and I have only a few items. The things hanging up in the pictures are mine and my mom's everything else is my sister's. :) I hope she does really well with the sale.
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