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Mar 13, 2010

Fluff Mail Love

Well, of course I love my fluff mail. I was super excited with the newest piece of fluff mail, too. Again I was on diaperswappers to see what kind of deal I could find. In particular I was looking for good hemp inserts. I still don't cloth diaper LJ at night. I am too chicken, since he is such a heavy wetter (I double stuff even my BG 3.0s with an extra insert to last longer). After all of the great suggestions that you all left for me in my post "Help a Momma Out." I went in search of some great hemp inserts to try doing nights with cloth. My goal really is to use cloth basically all the time. I know that on trips and such I may still use sposies some of the times, but right now we are so close and I want to prove to myself we can do this.
Anyway, back on track... I wanted to try out some LoopyDos or SuperDos by, knickernappies. I found a mom who was selling a Knickernappies one size with inserts for a total fraction of the original price. She also had some of the SuperDos for sale for like half price. I couldn't resist.
Well, she shipped them the same day and they came to my house yesterday. I washed them and they are waiting to be used, but I must say, just from looking at these, I am in love and think I might just be able to cloth diaper at night.
I love me some fluff mail and I can't wait for the next two pieces of fluff to arrive in the mail. These next two fluff mails will be even better as they are things that I have won from two different blogs. I can't wait!
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