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Mar 14, 2010

Our First Night using cloth

Last night was our first night using cloth over night instead of disposable. I should have thought better of this, than to try something like this when we are losing an hour anyway. So, Yesterday we were at my mom's house until almost LJ's bedtime. He was running around so much and really wore himself out. Good, right? Well, that made him sleepy enough to not drink all that much of his milk. So, LJ gets to bed around 830 last night (930 thinking of the time change). Hubby and I get to bed almost 1030 (time change time). When we got LJ ready for bed, we put on his one Happy Heiny's diaper (aplix) that was stuffed with a SuperDo, and for good measure I put his wool shorties on him. At ten of 4 this morning he woke up I think partially from a bad dream and then thirst. So, we got a drink of milk and watched a few minutes of backyardgians before heading back to bed (about 20 min. later). I thought to myself, maybe this means he will sleep later than usual since he was up when we was. Boy was I WRONG! 615 this morning LJ was up. What did he do as soon as I opened the door? Pat his diaper saying he needed changed. Even using a SuperDo, I couldn't get a full night's sleep.
While I really would love to be able to cloth diaper at night, I think I am going to stick with disposables for night times. I mean at least I can keep it down to one a day. You know? There is just no way that with a Super Do and still waking early, we can do this. We need our sleep, LJ in particular. He was sooooo sleepy then today while at church. If he stumbled and went to his knees, he wouldn't get up. One time he ended up just lying there in the army crawl position. It was precious, but I knew he was just so sleepy. I am a little bummed, but this past night was a learning experience. Who knows, we may do more cloth at night with baby number two, but I think with LJ it is a bust. :(
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