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Mar 8, 2010


Hi all! So, I know there are weeks that I only have like one or two posts. Well, that may become a little more of the norm for the next couple months. You want to know why? Well, As I mentioned in a previous post, I am this year's VBS Director for my church. If anyone has ever been involved with their church's VBS, you may know a little about how much in involved with planning and everything. Well, our VBS is going to be the last week in July (26th - 30th) and I have to plan it all (with the help of some great volunteers) and get it all pulled off. So, that means for the next few months I am going to be one busy little bee and blogging does not always fit in to my days. I hope you all understand.
I will continue to blog as I can and I do hope to have a review or two up before too long and maybe even my first giveaway. But we shall see how this all pans out and what He has planned for me. You know?
Anyway, I just wanted to update you all as to why I have been a little quieter and why it might continue. I hope everyone is doing well, and for those with sick little ones or under the weather themselves (you know who you are ;) ) I hope you all get better real soon and the little ones who are sick don't frazzle the parents too much.
Take care all my wonderful blog readers!
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