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Mar 3, 2010

How it all started

I did not always cloth diaper my son. When I was pregnant I had thought about Gdiapers and we had looked at them a little, but did nothing of it. I was more than happy to just use disposable diapers and throw all that yuck out. As my son was growing I would revisit the Gdiaper bug every now and then. I had seen some other cloth diapers, but wasn't really sure I wanted to do that. I mean washing poopy diapers? really? It just did not fully appeal to me and not at all to my husband. He really wanted to just be able to throw it out and not worry about it. But he was the one that would be lugging those heavy nasty bags of diapers out every week. It is amazing how heavy trash bags get when filled with pee soaked and poopy diapers.
I had a lady at church who cloth diapers her kids because that is what they had to do financially. Well, they loved it. She got me thinking about it all again and I told Hubby that I wanted to try the Gdiaper with their flushable inserts. Here is the thing, it isn't that much cheaper that way. While looking at the Gdiapers and all online, I grew to love the looks of regular cloth diapers. The Modern Cloth Diaper. It looked so easy and... Cute!
My son was 18 months old before we got any cloth in this house. The lady from church told me of diaperswappers.com and I checked it out. I also checked out a lot of the bigger cloth diaper sites and found some deals. I bought a few different kinds of cloth diapers so I could try them and see what I liked.
Well, you know what happened? I became addicted to cloth diapers and using them! I love it. So, a lot of moms say they find one that is their favorite diaper and they don't buy anything else? Well, I like them all. I have only found two or three diapers that I decided I didn't like and put them aside for a swap.
I love pocket diapers, AIOS, prefolds are nice. I have Thirsties, Bumgenius, Happy Heinys and more.
Now I am even sewing inserts and soon diapers of my own. I am a total cloth diaper addict and I love it. My only regret? Not starting sooner. I could have been saving us so much money and I could have been an advocate for much longer had I started this all when LJ was first born. You better believe that our next little one will be cloth diapered as soon as they are born (I will be making tiny baby dipes for my little one).
The above photos are two of my earliest "stash" pictures with the top one being the first order I did through Diaperswappers.com. Now here is my stash picture.

I have a little bit of everything. I have BG 3.0s, Happy Heinys, Thirsties, Bumkins (cover), prefolds, fitteds, I even have paper towels (Roll in pic that looks like toilet paper roll) for homemade flushable baby wipes. I'm addicted...
So, there is my little story on the beginning of my cloth diapering life. I love it and wouldn't have it any other way! :)
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