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Feb 19, 2010

Adding a new title to myself

As moms we all have many titles that we can go by. Of course there is mom (for some stay-at-home mom), housekeeper, cook, wife. It seems that I enjoy adding titles to my name. There is of course two I am so thrilled to have and that is wife and mother (stay-at-home). I can be considered a WAHM as I have started my own little business, Lynifer (shameless plug, I know ;) ).  Then of course I have blogger added. This one I am really enjoying as it gives me so many opportunities to chat with other like minded moms out there, and enter some really great giveaways (added perk). Last month I had the title of Baby Shower hostess, but that shower has since happened and the baby has even been born. Now I have added the title of Director of Summer Children's Ministry at my church. I had thought that maybe I was being lead in to some position of helping this ministry since last summer when a new route was taken, but it did not work out quite like the ministry had in the past. Our church had long loved its outreach to the many children in the area who did not attend church, but loved our VBS.  Now, it looks as thought He has lead me in to the position of leading this ministry. I am excited yet apprehensive. I didn't even grow up through the children's ministry in church. I started at this church in the junior high youth group, and before that I didn't go to church. I have no experience, but I love working with kids and planning great events. I look forward to this new title that I have been given, but also look forward to the ample help I hope to get from those with more experience. :)
I know this post wasn't much on the lines of what I normally write about, but I needed to write this all out, as I just got news of this last night through email. I know I have a lot of work ahead of me, on top of all the work I currently have going. I am blessed, and I wouldn't be put in this position if I wasn't ready for it, but, AHHH!
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