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Nov 3, 2010

Converting to cloth?

Hi all. I need your help. I have a friend of mine who is due in march with twins. As we all know, diapers for any child really can rack up in cost, let alone using disposable diapers for two kiddos at the same time. I know I want to try to convert her over to the cloth side, but I need your help. I have used cloth for one, but how have mommas done who used cloth for twins or just having two kids in cloth at the same time?
I know she is going to have a ton of questions for me, if she is at all interested. What was the wash load like? Is it that much harder than sposies? I know for me, using cloth is really not that bad, but I don't know what it would be like for twins.
What has been your experience using cloth diapers for more than one baby at a time? What advice could you offer up to this momma of twins to be?
I need your help!
Until next time...Happy Diapering!
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