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Oct 31, 2010

Two Diapers in the works!

So, I have been renewed in my love and quest to make our own cloth diapers. I have been looking at supplies online and all that fun stuff, but at the same time, we don't have the funds to be buying all the hook and loop or snaps (snap pliers in particular) to make enough diapers to sell them and keep some for ourselves. So, I found an awesome diaper online the other day and it made me realize that we don't need hook and loop or snaps to have a diaper. I mean, yes, I know there will always be pins and snappis, but what if you don't have those either?
The solution: Tie diapers!
My first tie diaper
With ties, you don't need to have a snappi, pin, aplix, or snaps. All you need is already with the diaper. Now, yes these diapers do not have PUL, but they could. 
I have been looking online to see what kind of tutorials or patterns I could find that were for tie diapers. Well, there isn't much out there. I did find one or two sets of pictures that showed me what one style of tie diaper looks like, so I used that to draft my own patterns.
I now have two different patterns for tie diapers. Of course they need to be tweaked a bit and I have been making things sized for my LJ, but the one in the picture above can be more of a one size diaper.
 Outer of diaper
 Inner of diaper
Pocket in front
I made this out of an old T-shirt that I had. When I laid things out on the shirt, I realized that if I lined the front of the pattern up with the bottom of the shirt, I could use the finished edge of the shirt to make this an awesome pocket diaper. I like pockets that are in the front and have nice big openings. This is more of a Size 2 of a two size diaper system in that the way it is currently designed, the waist would not get small enough for a new newborn, but it will get for a kiddo that is maybe 20 pounds or more. The rise is adjustable in that you just fold down the front to the rise you need. 
Yes, once this is tweaked and we think it is ready for Lynifer, we are going to offer it in our line-up of items for sale. I am super excited to get some patterns ready for diapers for Lynifer to sell. I think it is a good way for the business to go. Lynifer will also be going more in to the world of Etsy too once we have more items actually made that we can sell. 
So, keep your eyes peeled for new things coming to Lynifer and for diapers to be coming soon too!
Until next time... Happy Diapering!
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