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Feb 10, 2010

Sorry for the Silence

Sorry that I have been seemingly absent lately. Last Friday into Saturday we were hit by a snow storm leaving at least 12 inches on the ground, but more like 18-24 in most places in my area. LJ loved playing in the snow while Big D shoveled us out and I kept watch over LJ. The snow ended up perfect for making a play pen of sorts. It was high enough that he couldn't venture where we didn't level out the ground for him to walk. It was all very cute. Anyway, things have been working on getting back to normal after that storm and we were hit again. The snow started last night and it is still going (we are approaching 24 hours of solid snowing). It is not showing signs of stopping really. We have even more snow this time around too. The forecasters were saying 18-24 inches in my area, and they were not off the mark. So, now we have one snow day under our belt and at least one more for Big D tomorrow, the way things are looking now. We haven't left our house to shovel yet as we don't want to  have to do it more than once. We find it sort of pointless, you know? Anyway, so that is why I have not been very vocal on here the last couple days. I will try to get us back to normal and me back to posting. I will be doing Wordless Wednesday in my next post; and of course it will be snowy pics.
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