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Feb 16, 2010

I love mail!

I love getting diapers or cloth stuff in the mail. Today I got my very first order of PUL in the mail along with two different sample packs. A big "Thank You!" to Kids in the Garden and Diapercuts.com. These two sites offer different kinds of sample packs. The first pack was part of my order from Kids in the garden. She offers a sample of her different PUL materials. I received a great plastic baggie with squares of her solid PUL colors. Most of the PUL that this site offers is 2MIL not 1MIL. I like this. There were a lot of squares in this bag. I think it was totally worth the $5.00. Now I know how the material is going to look before I order.
The second sample pack is a great thing for any mom who cloth diapers, even if you aren't planning on making your own. Diapercuts.com offers a sampler of the different materials diapers can be made out of. When you go to order the $1.00 sampler, you tell her the materials (from a list provided) that you would like her to fit in a regular mailing envelope. I asked for basically everything that she had on her list and it all came. It costs $1.00 which includes shipping! I now have a sample of sherpa, micro fleece, lastin, FOE, PUL, knit PUL, burley terry, different kinds of hemp, and much more. Now, I know I said that this is great even if you aren't sewing your own diapers. That is because, if you are like me, when you hear people throwing around all these terms and materials, you sit there wondering what the material feels like, what it looks like. Now I know! Below are pictures of what I received with each sample package.
PUL samples from Kids In the Garden 
Sample pack from Diapercuts.com
 And of course I just have to say it one more time.... I Love Fluff Mail! :)
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