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Feb 12, 2010

Fabulously Friday

Well, I don't have any freebies today. This week was so hectic that I never even had time to check out and see if I could find any good freebies available. If you are interested in seeing what fellow blogger Bargain Briana has found, feel free. I check out her site often. There are times that you will find cross references on here that I found from her. She really keep things coming as well.
Anyway, today is Friday. Today is a fabulous Friday. We are finally getting life a little back to normal after record breaking snowfall in the area. My town got 12-18 inches last Saturday and then another 23-24 inches this Wednesday. We have now passed the record winter snowfall totals that were set back in 95-96. Big D went back to work today and LJ and I were able to get to our weekly breakfast with Pop-pop (who was accompanied by Grandma and Aunt K). Aunt K had no school again today which gives her now a 6 day weekend as they do not have school Monday for President's day. I am so happy to have life getting back to normal around here. Now I just hope that we can get a full night's sleep. LJ was sick Wednesday night, and then was up a lot last night as well. I love the PJs that Grandma got LJ for Christmas that say "All Mommy wants for Christmas is a Silent Night." I am still hoping for that sometimes. :-) I hope everyone has a good weekend and I hope to back to fully functioning bloggy mommy come Monday.
Happy Friday!
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