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Mar 13, 2013

{31 Days} Day 10 - Our Daily Routine...?

 Our daily routine can truly vary from day to day. I keep some things fluid as it works for us. Hubby and I plan some things, but then when it comes to the little things, we like to let it flow.
Here is the basics of our routine each day.
Hubby gets up and goes to work by 630
Kids and I wake usually by 800
We get up and head downstairs
The kids get some milk and cereal (or what they might like for breakfast that day)
M/W/F LJ has school
School days, LJ is dressed and Mommom takes him to school @ 9
BG and I pick up LJ after school at 1130
Nap-time starts at 1
Hubby usually gets home around 4
Milk and some TV time
Bath time is around 730 (when needed)
Bedtime is 8 for the kids

I have told LJ and he now remembers that I enforce nap-time until Kindergarten. Both kids have to lay in bed for the duration of their lullaby CD. If I have to go up and make them get back in bed or stop playing/messing around, I restart the CD, so they are up there longer. This is some of my best to time to get work done around the house. 
Mornings have the greatest amount of playtime for us. That is most of what we do, unless I have to do some errands while LJ is at school. The kids are up from nap-time by 330 and then it is playtime until dinner, as well.
We keep our weekends very flexible. We still try to get the kids to nap at some point, but the weekends are family time and we usually don't plan that until the day of. 

So, there is our daily routine. What is your routine?

Until next time... Happy Living!
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