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May 24, 2010

New to Cloth - Easy to Wash

Thanks to Mama to 3 Blessings, the next topic in my series will be all about washing your cloth diapers. Don't let the washing of cloth diapers scare you! Really, it is not difficult to wash cloth diapers. You also won't be adding that many loads of laundry per week either by switching to cloth.
When buying new diapers you will need to prep them. you always want to follow manufacturer's instructions, but usually this means to wash in HOT water and dry anywhere from 2-5 times before use. Diapers will also gain absorbancy as they are used and washed more. How great is that!?!
If your Little One makes a particularly messy diaper and you want to rinse it before stains get too bad, rinse the diaper in COLD water, rubbing it with a bar of white soap. White soap (like Ivory) works wonders. I can't believe how much it can do!
Now on to my regular wash routine...
First I keep my dirty diapers in a dry pail. This is just a regular trash can with a lid that I put a duffle sized wetbag in. Lids on cloth diapers pails are a HUGE thing, it helps keep any odors you may experience from getting in to the room too much. The wetbag I made has a square for me to put essential oils on to help with odors as well.
 my wetbag duffle in the pail

Okay, so from the pail the bag and dirty diapers so straight in to my washer. You will want to make sure inserts have been removed from the diapers so they get cleaned. I wash my diapers when the pail is getting full and that is about every 2-3 days.
First I start with a COLD rinse with some baking soda. This can help with reducing staining. 
Second, I set my washer up on the longest cycle possible and as HOT as possible. I use Rockin' Green detergent and they state to use 2-3 tablespoons per load of laundry. I usually use two tablespoons and it works well for us. 
Third, set your washer to do an extra rinse after your wash cycle. This helps to ensure that all the detergent is rinsed clean from your diapers.
I then put all my diapers in the dryer. I do have two GroBaby (now GroVia) shells that say they should not be put in the dryer in order to last longer. Also, I do not put covers in the dryer, I don't know why, I just don't.
When we move we will have the ability to hang our clothes outside on a line. Then I can start hang drying more of the diapers.  The sun is a wonderful thing for diapers, especially stained ones. Sun is a natural bleacher.

So, that is my washing routine. Sounds easy, right? Well, it really is and I only end up with two or three more loads of laundry than our normal wash.
Don't let the washing of cloth diapers scare you!
Until Next time....Happy Diapering!
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