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May 18, 2010

Cloth Diapering Links!

I get asked all the time if I know some good websites for interested mommas to check out and get more information about cloth diapering. Well, now I am putting them in to a post so you can always come back and check them out. If need be, I will also update this post with new great links when I find them.
I am adding this to the "New to Cloth" series so that moms can easily find this post along with great other posts geared for those new to cloth diapering or just considering it.
I am leaving the urls totally visible so that even if the links do not want to work, you can still copy and paste.

First let me show you some Fellow Bloggers who have helped me a lot when it comes to cloth diapers.
Coupon Mommy of 3 - http://www.couponmommyof3.com/
Family of the Cloth - http://familyofthecloth.blogspot.com/
Happily Domestic - http://happilydomestic.blogspot.com/
I'd Rather Be Changing Diapers - http://www.ratherbechangingdiapers.com/
Makin' It - http://beccasclothdiaperblog.blogspot.com/
Mam Dweeb - http://mamadweeb.com/
Minnesota Mamas Must Haves - http://www.minnesotamamasmusthaves.com/
My Silly Monkeys - http://www.mysillymonkeys.com/
Obsessed Cloth Diapering Momma - http://obsessedclothdiaperingmama.blogspot.com/
The Eco-Cheap Mom - http://www.ecocheapmom.com/

All about cloth blogs:
Cloth Diaper Blog - http://www.clothdiaperblog.com/
The Cloth Diaper Report - http://www.theclothdiaperreport.com/
Dirty Diaper Laundry - http://dirtydiaperlaundry.com/ (great video reviews of diapers)
Thanks Mama - http://blog.thanksmama.com/ 

Company Blogs:
Kelly's Closet - http://www.theclothdiaperwhisperer.com/
AppleCheeks - http://diaperingrevolutionary.typepad.com/a_reusable_diaper_revolut/ 
Bum Covered Diapers - http://bumcovereddiapers.blogspot.com/
Bummis - http://blog.bummis.com/
Cotton Babies - http://clothdiapers.blogspot.com/ 
Earth Angels Diaper Co - http://diaperdiscussions.blogspot.com/
Soft Bums - http://loveclothdiapers.blogspot.com/
Knickernappies - http://knickernappies.blogspot.com/
Nicki's Diapers - http://nickisdiapers.blogspot.com/
Nifty Nappy - http://niftynappy.blogspot.com/
Rump*a*rooz - http://rumparooz.blogspot.com/
The Diaper Wagon - http://diaperwagon.com/blog/
Green Diaper Queen (FuzziBunz) - http://greendiaperqueen.blogspot.com/
Urban Fluff - http://urbanfluffblog.blogspot.com/
Katydid - http://katydidcloth.blogspot.com/ 

Company Sites:
Happy Heinys - http://www.happyheinysonline.com/
FuzziBunz - http://www.fuzzibunzonline.com/
BumGenius - http://www.bumgenius.com/
Rocky Mountain Diapers - http://www.rockymountaindiapers.com/ClothDiapers.html
Rump*a*rooz - http://www.rumparooz.com/
Knickernappies - http://www.knickernappies.com/
SmartiPants - https://www.smartipants.com/
*I have personally tried each of these brands and recommend them.

Stores or purchasing sites: 
DiaperSwappers - http://www.diaperswappers.com/
Kelly's Closet
Diaper Junction
Cotton Babies - http://www.cottonbabies.com/
Diaper Shops - http://diapershops.com/ 

The next post on the varying types of cloth diapers will be coming soon.
Until then....Happy Diapering!
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