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Jan 19, 2010

Tips Tuesday

So, I thought I would post what I do for my first try at making my own flushable baby wipes. I know that there are a lot of recipes out there for making your own baby wipes solution. I wanted one though that I could make with things I have around the house, especially those that I may have more than enough of from my baby shower and gifts. So, I found a recipe that uses all baby products and water.
So, here is the run down of my first attempt at flushable baby wipes with a review to follow.
The recipe is:
1 C water
1 T baby oil
1 T baby lotion (I used the nighttime lotion to make it calming)
1 T Baby wash/shampoo

Then I cut a generic select-a-size roll of paper towels in half. Remove the cardboard core (this can be done after soaking, this can be easier after moisture has been introduced). Place the paper towels in to your container and squirt some of the wipe solution over the wipes, giving ample time for saturation to occur before use. 

I actually doubled this recipe when making my first batch. I used hot water and then mixed in the baby oil and the lotion and shampoo. By adding the oil in first the lotion and shampoo just slide right off the measuring spoon and into your mixture. When making the mixture you want to make sure to use a wide mouthed glass bottle. I tried using a plastic bottle, but the hot water can make the plastic warp a bit. Once the mixture is all cooled, then you can put it right into a bottle that will make it easy to squirt it on the wipes. I used an old water bottle we were going to recycle and put on one of the sport caps we had around the house from another old water bottle. When reading the recipe sites, they said the solution might only last a couple days, but mine has lasted a week or so with no problem (musty smells, molding, mildewing).
I want to make sure to note that using cheaper generic paper towels is not always the best. If you want to use paper towels  for flushable wipes, try splurging on either Viva or Bounty towels. They hold up a bit better. The wipes I now have are a little small, but that doesn't bother me as much as the thinness and their propensity to tear when I try to remove them for the container or while I am cleaning LJ's bum.
I hope you found my first attempt of a Tips Tuesday post helpful.
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