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Jan 21, 2010

Fluff Talk Thursday #2

Today's Topic: How I Store My Stash
Hello all. Going along with Happily Domestic's Fluff Talk topic this week I am going to talk all about storing my cloth diapers. So, my LJ does not have the largest room. None of our bedrooms are all that large. When I was pregnant with LJ one of my good friends gave me her changing table. It is one with two shelves under the table part. Let me say I have been so incredibly happy with this changing table, and it coming to me free is even better. So, I will show off the pics now and continue chatting about them after I show you what I am talking about...

So, the first picture shows my table over all. I have two boxes to help with organizing and then have the "ready-to-go" diapers stacked in between. The second picture shows my extra fluff storage. This is the prefolds and inserts that aren't currently in a diaper or set up for use. The other bin you see in the picture has my gDiaper flushable inserts as well as the disposable diapers we have. It has also come in handy to hold fitteds that don't fit on my "ready-to-go" stacks.
I have my disposable wipes refill bag next to my fluff bin. I do have two containers for wipes right now. Since we still use disposable diapers at night (I have yet to be brave enough to try cloth at night with my heavy wetter), we have a bin with disposable wipes in it (the yellow bin). I actually took a sharpie to each wipes container and labeled them so there isn't confusion and it just makes changing time a little nicer. The white wipes bin has the wipes (paper towels) in the solution I made so we have flushable wipes as well. I have more on that topic in my Tips Tuesday post.
I am getting slightly saddened as I am running out of room for the stash I have and the current set-up I have, but I don't want to change my set-up until after we move, since that will probably be happening in the next four or so months. Once LJ has a bigger room, we might be able to have a better solution cooked up, but for now. That is how I store my stash.
Hope you enjoyed today's Fluff Talk Thursday!
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