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Mar 3, 2011

LBBE - Hevea Baby Pacifier Review

When it comes to baby, I like to keep things natural and simple. There are many products, even for babies, that just don't fit those criteria. There is one such company out there that feels the same way, especially about pacifiers. That company is Hevea Baby USA. Hevea Baby makes a great 100% natural rubber pacifier.

As the picture above notes, these pacifiers are made from 100% natural rubber. They are BPA, PVC, and phalate free. That is really awesome in my book. It was shortly after my first son was born that I started hearing and learning so much more about BPA and what it can do to kids and so now I am doing all I can to keep it away from both of my kids and from the family as a whole.
So, now on to our experience. Well, we waited for at least three weeks before trying out any nipples or pacifiers other than my built in ones. :) Baby C is still trying to get used to pacifiers and such. I have tried this pacifier but she seems to not be too keen on the shape. As she gets more used to having something other than my finger or breast in her mouth, she may become more apt to take this shaped pacifier. Until then, I am trying to learn what she might like and what she does not.
I did really like the solid design of this pacifier, there are not real nooks or crannies for dirt or anything to get caught in. Yes, there are design cutouts, but they seem pretty easy to get to with a nipple brush. I do think that the design is nice and distinctive. I like it. I would love if Baby C ended up using this pacifier more often as she gets a little older.
Now, I am hoping that Baby C does not get as addicted to a pacifier as LJ did, but I do think it can be good for a baby to use one when they are young. They have been found to help reduce the risk of SIDS. I think it can also work nicely as something that calms little ones when they need it most.
I think this is a great pacifier made with good materials. You can learn more about this and other great Hevea products at Hevea Baby USA. Also, check out their facebook page!
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