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Mar 14, 2011

Potty Training

Well, it is official. We are potty training. LJ would show signs of wanting to train, like wanting to wear big boy undies, but we were (and sometimes still are) having issues with getting him to tell us when he needed to go or wanting to sit on the potty.
I know that going back and forth between diapers and big boy pants can slow things down. That is the last thing I want to have happen. So, we have made the big leap and we are no longer in diapers during the day. If he wants to be in undies, then that is the way we are going to go full bore. I have a few training pants and we bought a small pack of Thomas the tank engine unders for LJ. Today we went out and bought more unders. (Yes, I know I tend to say undies and unders. I don't know why some contexts I say unders and others I say undies, but that is a total side note!)
I have also been making some of LJ's prefolds in to trainers. I saw the idea from a lady on etsy. Sorry, I do not remember her name or anything. So, using the concept of prefitteds and trainers, I whipped up my first trainer for LJ to wear. It isn't the greatest, but it works well for going along with regular big boy undies. We did also buy a four pack of the plastic pants to go over his trainer or unders when we are going out for a short trip.
Today I was trying to get him to sit on the potty, and again he didn't really want to. Then he said one phrase and I have run with it. Green water. See, we have those color tablets for changing bath water and he loves taking a blue bath. Well, he was saying he wanted to make the water in the big toilet to be green. I asked that if I made it green, would he sit on the potty and I got a "yes!" I used some of our toilet cleaner to make the water green (and hey, I could clean the toilet if he didn't go). That actually worked and got LJ to sit on the potty. He then sat at least one more time with green water.
He didn't even seem like he had to have his sticker too if he could have his green water. I knew I had to get some food coloring or something to make the water colors when he wanted colored water.
I can't wait to see where this goes. I am hoping that he begins to have more times of letting us know he needs to go before he does it. I think one thing that may help in this process will be more play dates with his two cousins who are both now trained. He wanted to sit on the potty three times at a party over the weekend just because his cousins were. And if my sister reads this, then totally when she feels like coming over with the boys for some time with other adults, let me know, we would love it! :)

Until next time... Happy Parenting!
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