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Mar 11, 2011

Is he even ready?

LJ will be 3 in April. He has been almost potty trained twice. The first time, I could not commit the time I knew we would need to training, so I let the training slide. The second time he showed interest and then after a few days, no more interest. Well, that seemed to happen again the other week.
He wants big boy underwear on, but he doesn't want to change them when he wets them. He also doesn't want to tell us when he has to go or sit on the potty every time. I know he feels the wet pull-up on him, but he doesn't want me to change him. Sometimes he knows when he has to go or just went, and other times he could not be bothered by it. Some times he is interested in the potty and others, not so much. We have tried the chart with getting stickers or candy each time he is successful on the potty, but it seems to only go so far, even though he loves getting candy. One more success on the potty and he gets to make a special trip with us to a special store (the dollar store) and pick out a toy.
I have tried to make it a happy time to sit and go on the potty, but so often he isn't phased by it. I know going back to diapers after being in trainers for a day or so is not good, but I can't keep him in trainers until he magically decides he is ready and willing to train. If that makes sense. I know that we are going to have accidents, but I just don't know. He seems to be fine with accidents and not care. Is he just not ready even though he has showed the signs of being ready?
I just don't know how to get him interested in the potty all the time, not just when he wants to be interested. If I try to be loving yet firm, he begins to melt down and I don't want this to be an unhappy thing. Making it unhappy or unpleasant is not going to get us anywhere and I know that.
I guess I just needed to vent a little bit about my son who seems to want to be ready, but doesn't always act it. Also, going into cloth trainers, I just don't know if we can be changing his outfit and underpants that often if he isn't going to tell us he needs to go. I know he can hold it for a while, but then it seems when he is underpants he goes a little, then a little more a few minutes later, and then a big amount a while after that.
Part of me feels I should have just trained him at 18 months when he showed signs of willingness and training to go poo on the potty that young. ah the frustrations of parenting a willful little 2 year old.

What advice to my momma readers have that you can offer?
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