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Mar 28, 2011

A Big week for Sewing Diapers

I am really excited for this week. Okay, I should qualify that. Hubby is away and I hate that part of this week, but I am really excited because over the weekend I got my order from Diaperkit.com. The site is having a huge inventory close-out of the diaper kits and so I was able to get enough to make 11 diapers for a great price.

This gives me one diaper for Baby C and ten diapers for a soon to be new mommy of two. She is due any day now and really wants to use cloth from the start. She is a lot like me and started to use cloth diapers with her first son when he was older and in the bigger sizes. Now she needs small diapers, but does not want to spend as much on this stash as they did with the first ones. I completely understand as she sounds just like me! Well, she sounds like Hubby. I am all for trying out new diapers, though I do not always love the price tag.
This morning I went into my sewing room, with both kids even, and started getting things ready to sew. I was going to start sewing up one of the small diapers for the lady I know, but then realized I should start sewing with the diaper that is going to be for Baby C. That way if I mess up or want to do things differently, I can and it won't be one of the diapers that I want to be perfect. I know that when I make diapers for Baby C, it will mostly likely not be 100% perfect and I am fine with that, but if I am making something for someone else, I want it to be perfect and a good reflection on my business and my sewing skills. I figure then I may be more likely to have that person come to me when they need me to sew up something else for them.

Well, I must say, even with being really dumb and getting my finger too close to the needle while sewing, I have Baby C's diaper almost finished within like no time at all. It really is going fast since I don't have to cut the material at all. I am really pleased with these kits. All I have to do to finish Baby C's diaper is sew on the Aplix and sew the front closed. It is really quick and easy! I hope I have the ten baby diapers sewn up just as fast, though it is all dependent on my kiddos being good for me and letting me work. :)
 Fast forward a few hours and....
This afternoon the kids both napped for a little, giving me the chance to finish up Baby C's diaper and I love it! Sewing on the aplix the way I did was so much faster than snaps or the way I have tried sewing on Velcro in the past.  This makes it that I can't wait to sew up the smaller diapers for my friend. Maybe I will just have to go and start that while they are still napping!

Until next time... Happy Sewing!
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