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Jan 26, 2011

One Size Wool Cover

I like wool. I also have to be careful with what wool I use. One of the first set of shorties that I bought for LJ ended up with a all around bad combo of events to leave him with a sore for close to a week on each leg. Not only was the wool a little too rough for him, but of course it was an explosive diaper mess at the same time as trying the wool for the first time. I always have to be careful with the texture of the wool. When I learned that I might be able to use wool suiting to make covers for LJ, I was thrilled.
I have been playing around with cover patterns for a little while now using some covers I already own to get an outline and then modify it to make it my own. I love the idea of one size covers. They make sense to me. So, I made my very first "One Size" wool cover for LJ.

Now, I know this cover needs some tweaking, just by putting it on LJ this first time. LJ will be 3 in April (three months), he weighs maybe 25 pounds. He is a skinny skinny boy and this cover is snapped almost as big as it can get. I think each side only has one snap on each side behind the tabs. It is also on the highest setting, but I do like having covers and such that have a lower rise. I did learn one thing through this, these take a decent amount of FOE to make each one. :)

What do you think? I would love to get more patterns and things for working designs for Lynifer. Maybe I need to try making a few more and get none LJ testers. :)

Until next time.... Happy Diapering!
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