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Jan 4, 2011

Oh Happy New Year

Well, 2010 came and went in a flash. I can't believe that it is already 2011. With the Christmas season, we were pretty busy as a family. LJ got to celebrate Christmas for 5 days basically. We have that much family and friends to celebrate with, everything gets broken down into smaller gatherings. It was crazy. This was not helped by the fact that we thought I was going into pre-term labor the weekend before Christmas. I started contracting and it would not always go away when I rested. I ended up on a form of bed rest for the week leading up to Christmas and during the Holidays. Luckily Hubby was home all but one day between Christmas and New Years and my sister stayed with us for the second half of the week between as well. I just did not want Baby C to come before Christmas  because I knew it would most likely mean me in the Hospital during what has always been the biggest holiday for me.
Tomorrow marks 36 weeks for me. I am really excited about that. I go to see my doctor later today for my check up. This week will start my weekly visits. I am really curious to see what is going on as I have begun to contract again, even with resting. She is starting to act like LJ did for the entire week before he was born. I am glad though that I know what "false" labor is and what will be more real. With LJ I was in a form of false labor, but I sort of consider it just not active enough for the hospital to keep me. Each day that I was checked, I would be further along, but I just wouldn't progress within an hour of walking. That was just no fun going back and forth to my doc's office and the middle of the night hospital trips. Each time we would get so excited and think we were going to meet our bundle, but they would send up home.
Now we are being a little more cautious and luckily Hubby is really good at down playing things and not letting things ramp up when they are not warranted.
Yesterday and today have been a bit fun. I do contract off and on, but man oh man have I been nesting! Yesterday I did diaper laundry and regular laundry and I made two more prefold diapers for Baby C. I also felt compelled to bring in our infant car seat and put the pink bunting in it that I got off of Freecycle. I am not sure if bunting is really the right word for it, but it is the nice thick fleece outer with like sherpa-esk material on the inside to keep the baby warm. I also started to drink my Red Raspberry leaf tea yesterday. I drank a ton of that with LJ and I know it didn't hurt and it tastes decent, so it helps me to stay hydrated. By doing a quick google search, you can find a ton of great information about how it can help with everyday women's issues, but it can really help with preparing for labor as well.
I know this has been a bit of a nothing post, but I just had to blog a bit and also sort of explain why I haven't been blogging as much and I may not be for a little bit yet. It will all depend on when Baby C decides to make her appearance. We think it might be really neat if she did end up being born today as today is my Aunt's birthday and this is the Aunt that is an delivery nurse and would be helping to deliver Baby C and helped with LJ as well. :)

Until next time...Happy Living!
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