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Sep 16, 2010

Baby Ultrasound

Well, this morning Hubby and I went up to the hospital and had our level II unltrasound done on Peanut. We were super excited for today to come as we decided this time around we wanted to find out what we are having. That is going to have to wait until another day as most of our family and friends still do not know. Anyway, Peanut looks great! At one point (the first picture printed for us) Peanut was acting like "The Fonz".
 That is Peanut's right hand doing "The Fonz"
It was cute. So, right now I can share one other picture with you. It is when they actually did a 3D part of the ultrasound. They did not do this with LJ so it was a very pleasant surprise. Peanut at first was not cooperating with us and had both hands over their face. Then Peanut moved and we got this picture:
Again, I think it looks like Peanut is doing the Fonz move (three fingers curled, the pointer outstretched, and the thumb in the air), but who knows.
I was getting all kinds of kicks and punches during the ultrasound. It was funny watching it on the monitor. We are just so happy that Peanut looks happy and healthy in there and is staying nice and active.
Stay tuned for a post to come in the next few days, maybe a week or so, when I can announce what Peanut really is, and maybe even a name. ;)

So, for family and friends we made a shirt for my son that said he was taking bets as to whether he is having a little brother or sister. What is your bet? There is still time to guess since I am not announcing it to all of you quite yet. (and if you are family or a friend who already knows, no giving it away yet!) :)

Until next time...Happy Living!
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